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  1. Big Clints

    Big money signing

    Ouch glass of milk with that !!!!
  2. Would like to to see the boys in the back getting a couple of Bob for clean sheets hard graft for the back five most weeks !!!! But too be fair they are shit boots Ed got ??
  3. ?? At last someone with some sense spot on mate ??
  4. Did he say eehaw and have big ears by any chance ??
  5. Well said Willy ?? looking forward to the return at Vogue with the Lizard ,, got to go and feed the Donkeys and polish the plough ,Can't wait ???
  6. Sat in my boat thought I had a nibble then Dave ?. Hee hee ?
  7. Donkeys mate ,bunch of plough pullers they will soon fade back to junior ranks ??
  8. Got to agree on that shameful ref didn't have a clue , spoilt wot could and should have been a cracker ,but hey we need refs to get games on May be next time we get one who knows wot he is doing ,?
  9. But the money hasn't dried up they got a good budget ??.