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  1. 7 hours ago, MARKSY said:

    For someone that does not want to judge until the true facts emerge you’ve certainly made your point clear? but everyone else should not judge until the facts are clear . ?

    Paul C back from under your stone I see . £40 a game now . Now I’m not sure if your jealous of Tyler or the physio. ? £10 a goal as well up top bloody hell Richards & Boon must be rolling in it ?. ?

    Would like to to see the boys in the back getting a couple of Bob for clean sheets hard graft for the back five most weeks !!!! But too be fair they are shit boots Ed got ??

  2. 12 hours ago, MARKSY said:

    Paul C seems to me you have some soft spot for Tyler Oliver you don’t stop ranting about him . ?? let me settle your moaning seeing as I quite often took him to & from matches Last season & this .

    Tyler was paid by Helston shhhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone else mind that’s between me & you , now also because in his opinion he was promised on numerous occasions to play certain games for Helston only right at the last minute to be let down & told something different ?hence his decision after a good 18 months was to play regular football for 90 mins or so every week . Having previously played last season for St Day it was a no brainer to return there as I’m sure he has many friends & St Day clearly love him. So just to reiterate on the money front , Football first , money a clear second otherwise Tyler would of stayed picking up a decent amount at Helston & I know how much but that’s not for you. I look forward to your reply ?Hopefully done and dusted . Gone fishing ? 


      new boat Dave ?? ?