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  1. 20 hours ago, Scoffy said:

    I echo Rob's comments, but also credit to you for the way you dealt with the situation, nasty to see any bad injuries especially to another member of the Union, hope to see you fit and playing  again soon Craig, take care

    Got to  thank you scoffy for walking down to offer support and kind words to Craig he did say in hospital he really appreciated that the union is a bond and u deffo  showed that on Sat mate thanks from myself and Craig 👍 

    On 10/12/2018 at 22:59, Rob Hosking said:

    I'll certainly echo Alf's sentiments. We all wish Craig Clinton a speedy recovery, as he's suffered a broken collarbone in a really bad collision with Sam Emery of Illogan. 

    Craig has put in some fantastic performances for us, over the last few seasons and may now require surgery as a result of the collision. Craig is self employed, which makes things even worse, with the financial loss. 

    All the best, mate. 

     Got to say massive thanks to you Rob for helping Craig on Sat I know he really appreciates your skilled help just shows every club needs a skilled  first aid person again our thanks to you 👍