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  1. At times like this the Cornish Football Family will come together ,wishing all concerned a speedy recovery
  2. Thanks bud !! What I really wanted to know was wot anybody thought of the game doesn't seem to be many match reports on this forumn anymore ,was always a good read even the banter was original was hoping to read report on your game and Stday game but couldn't see any ,,and before you say write one I really couldn't cos haven't got a clue on most names of players involved in most teams lol 🤠
  3. When is the Draw for the Next rnd of the senior cup ?
  4. What time is ko tomorrow in senior cup games pls
  5. Who do you recon will be top sides this new season ?
  6. Is that st piranha league same start date ? Meant st Pirans league lol
  7. Wot games are going ahead. Today ?
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