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  1. Didn't say it was Dans fault? You've gone off on one there. Also, I think the other leagues should help Dan by getting things sorted a bit earlier. Obvious delay also from the new St Pirans league taking forever to be put together and that delaying ECPL as well. Dan, you do a fantastic job.
  2. The night before the first game at this rate..
  3. 31st July, 18:30 St Columb vs St Stephen
  4. I think Meva reserves had a fair few players and also all seem to be mates, cant see ECPL players playing there except maybe one or two. Maybe the ECPL players will look for other clubs?
  5. Looks a good format. The league needed a freshen up and this is exactly the right thing to do.
  6. Duchy 1 is looking stonger than Prem. Prems taken a massive hit by losing so many clubs.
  7. No worries mate, give me a text and let me know if you any available dates, no mad rush.
  8. Hi Brian, Tried to private message you but it says you cant receive messages.
  9. Want a friendly with us Dave? I know we are leagues apart with you being in St Piran League but we are up for the challenge?
  10. So you've been pesting him then
  11. St Stephen AFC will be starting pre-season training on the 25th of June, 18:30 meet at the recreation ground in St Stephen. Welcoming new players and old. Firsts play in ECPL and the Reserves play in the Duchy League.
  12. At St Stephen that goal mouth/area issue has been solved. That's now the best part of the pitch. Good sized changing rooms, nice big pitch, stand? St Cleer has nothing wrong with it at all, neither does Veryan. Padstow is alright, Gerrans is also alright (although they both have slightly smaller changing rooms and Gerrans has a slope and very open, but they can't help location). It's grassroots football after all.
  13. Quite like this idea, hope that the Duchy League bring this up at the AGM. They must be listening. Otherwise a 12 team division some teams could end up playing 24 games maximum. Just adding that individual league cup with a group stage would make it much more interesting with something else to play for. Having said all this, we will now probably have the worst winter ever.
  14. My figure was taking into account that Newmoor and St Dennis 3rds fold which i have heard rumours of? Would rather less new teams enter and the existing clubs don't have to struggle to get 11 players every week. I know it doesn't work that way but maybe just accepting 2 new teams each season as a cap would help stop it. Vote at AGM. 14 teams in 3 leagues would be more than enough I imagine. Can't see 56 teams for 4 leagues of 14 happening. (would mean another new 10 teams entering Duchy League) Leagues of 10 just isn't enough, not everybody can have good cup runs to fill the gaps.
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