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  1. How is that fair on the few players that do turn up every week (or at least are available)? Or, some of the players signed may not of even had chance to play a game before they folded? i.e coming back from injury or working last 2 weekends but available next week. Maybe the manager should take the blame for signing so many players. That's not the players fault. However the manager tried to sign any player that he could to try and save the club. Pointing the blame at anyone is hard.
  2. Thought Jim done a good job of reffing the game today. Pass on our thanks to him, good luck for the season.
  3. No worries mate, give me a text and let me know if you any available dates, no mad rush.
  4. Want a friendly with us Dave? I know we are leagues apart with you being in St Piran League but we are up for the challenge?
  5. So you've been pesting him then
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