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  1. It’s not the pitches it’s if we can get the white lines to stay in 🙈
  2. I can assure you Illogan football club are not flashing the cash as you put it 🤔😉
  3. Mr Hoon no a bad tackle when he see,s one he used to do them a lot when he was playing so he,s experience in giving them .
  4. It was less than five minutes left not twenty. Both managers spoke to Anita an agreed to finish the game .
  5. Silly question when knowing full well 1st team are in combo ??
  6. They can just exchange with there first team but that depends on nick .?
  7. Look out victor Meldrew at it again
  8. So Illogan res will go into Trelawny prem as there feeder league to combo ?
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