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  1. cant argue on that front, all 3 are top sides and would've been good to see them in this league, much more interesting games! (also a few extra tankings too). Ive been surprised how well the West teams have done, expected them to be way off it and essentially have their own league within this league!
  2. 7 points with the team in 6th having a game in hand? Ironically 3 out of the top 7 were in the west division last year👀
  3. cracking stats. Is it just me or does there seem to be an increase in supporters at all grounds? Saw a stat on here showing attendances in this league were higher than Tavistock etc in the league above
  4. didnt watch the game but im assuming keeping it to 6-3 rather than 12-3?
  5. Harris (pen), Webster OG, Johnson for Falmouth referee looked like Paul Kempen? unsure on spelling of surname
  6. Im way out of touch with the kids! 🤣 always enjoy reading reports on games, goalscorers and players being named rather than "good goal from number 9" - hoping more people post their match reports on here this season!
  7. Bang on there, similar to a ref hiding behind his cards and ruining a good game of football rather than just speaking to players normally
  8. Odds horrific for Callington? Lower than most West clubs from last year😂
  9. income for the player yes but would not effect the club in any way
  10. From my understanding, the clubs can state that they are paying expenses, however, they must be justifiable/have records to justify.... 9.9/10 cases, they are not justifiable. So HMRC would have a field day, however, clubs run the risk and seem to get away with it. The main way clubs get around this (as with Mr Massey at Helston), they get sponsors to fund players, or in Massey's case, he himself will fund this. This has no effect on the club itself, but the player is supposed to state this form of income (pretty much everyone doesnt)
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