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  1. Having been around the local football scene a long while I can honestly say I haven't seen a better togetherness in any squad. Fair play to the lads. Maybe just maybe a lot of clubs could save a few quid by following the build a team not buy a team philosophy
  2. Jarrad Woods has got a lovely pair of white boots so will not be interested in that deal. If you're talking Pasties the Sam Rogers may take the bait.
  3. I am seeing clubs posting their fixtures. Have I missed something?
  4. That's what you do for friendlies though. A Pre Season away day is and has always been a great team bonding exercise. New players and old. Doing it 9 or 10 times during a season is totally different gravy.
  5. It's quite funny watching the older 30+ players coming off then being asked to go on again when they have seized up. I am not a fan. I think it would work better with 3 subs. 5 subs against teams who may only be able to raise 12 or 13 in any given week becomes a very difficult task.
  6. Special Cornish offside Rule
  7. Now the travelling issue has been addressed who's to say other ECPL teams wont apply
  8. Does the only 50% Reserve teams rule still apply . 8 Reserve teams in each league ?
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