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  1. the waltz play ? Seen and heard he’s being tapped up And dan has brought in a few strikers lately! He never normally sticks around very long but hope he stays they are a good fit ... . What is going on down cally then seems very strange all this , Matt comes in and Shaun’s taking time out matt gets him back involved then few games later he’s gone . 🙈If it’s to do with the cally chairman now wonder he used to be the grass cutter and knows absolutely nothin about football. It’s a real shame ! lovely club hope Shaun and Ryan can turn it around
  2. Very confused did the fa now say that the officials lied then ?? Shambles
  3. Ryan Richards in the saltash team tonight thought he was at tavi / torpoint has he moved back
  4. Very good side ? They played sticker no offence but sticker are a bottom 3/4 side and have been since there admittance to the league . Callington said there were easily top 6 but after 12 games only on 4 points conceded 30 goals scoring 15 if that’s a good side u must not watch much local football . Get ya self down to Liskeard Falmouth camelford then see some good football . Can’t be unlucky every week 🤦‍♂️
  5. The League table doesn’t lie. Last 2 years before they come in and still the same result. Actually got worse 🤦‍♂️They’re paying out decent money as well . Jake Miller was on 90 at Cally , even he couldn’t stay for that because they were getting smashed each game , how can a bottom club pay out that kinda money I know the managers are dodge and get money from all walks of life. They players are Sunday league standard at best should of kept the young loyal lads they had last year and build , instead of bringin in a load of reprobates from Plymouth who was kicked out the previous club for partying during lockdown. Go on les top 6 finish boys Aged well
  6. They Keep saying that week in week out but same results. Never seen such a pub team in all my life in the swpl shambles
  7. Was on the Cally Twitter page this evening 5 mins before kickoff
  8. Cally losing again something seriously going wrong. Seen the team Sheet and seen luke cloke and jack alexander on the bench 2 of there better players very strange . What a mess 4 points after 12 games
  9. Top top player will score plenty of goals will improve Falmouth maybe Westy getting prepared for the western league already, makes sense
  10. 2.0 down against sticker at half time 🤦‍♂️ What’s going on changes need to be made
  11. Said it start of the season torpoint should walk this league the amount of money there paying out 💰💰2 of the best strikers about in the swl Curtis damerell and Ryan Richards .
  12. 9 games 4 points 1 win wow seriously what’s going on a Cally ?
  13. Top 6 😂😂come on. You said it yourself took basically the whole St Blazey team the previous seasons the were bottom 6 and now yet again bottom 6 . Even worse bottom 2 and now there best player Jake Miller signed for tavi full time . Even more to worry about as he’s there too goal scorer (from midfield mind )too many big timers . Talk a good game sat night in the pub with there mates . Agree with sportsman10 Sunday league players apart from 3/4. Wouldn’t be shocked to a change down there soon. If the chairman is still the guy who used to cut the grass and smokers with no teeth . No wonder the clubs going down hill used to be run be all the locals remember when beary and fletch was there and was run like a family club. Employing the likes of Matt Hayden after all the antics of his last appointment . No wonder ,I would of thought they would of stayed well away from all That . And now a 112 day ban for serious abuse they Must of been desperate. Thing is now they have local players interested because of that WhatsApp message which now looks hilarious 😂 hope they can bounce back used to be a lovely club
  14. He runs his own business and has no children He Rather just get paid £120 and play for a bang avg team and look class every week . Instead of pushing himself. He’s got plenty of ability just big timer
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