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  1. Hello Can anyone help me complete career details for the following players: Frank ('Chick') Arundel: After a career round the south west at Oak Villa, Argyle, Torquay, Minehead, Barnstaple, St Blazey, Minehead again, Frank turned out for Tavistock in the late 60s/early 70s. Does anyone know where he went after that? I know he was playing until his forties. Peter Darke: After a career covering the then 3 Devon Football League sides, Peter was at Minehead, Saltash (twice) and (briefly) Liskeard. At some point he was supposed to have played at Wellington in the Western Leagu
  2. Thanks Mike, much appreciated. That season Minehead won the Southern League South and in those days the FA Trophy was taken seriously. As to the question of Falmouth in the Southern League, their long-term survival or even success might be guessed at by how their regular attendances compared (bearing in mind they'd probably attract more people from the area if they went up). If they would have got 750+ regularly in the Western League, I think they might have made a go of it (perhaps not to Southern Premier League level though).
  3. Hello In 1975-76 Falmouth played Minehead in the FA Trophy. In the end the tie was settled after a 2nd replay at St James Park. Does anyone have the date for this game? Thanks Doug
  4. Saltash won this in 1975 by beating Minehead 2-0 in the final. Can anyone telling me the date and where it was played? Thanks.
  5. Perhaps they're anticipating the disappointment of going to a decent ground than having to go back to their own 1970s Eastern Bloc monstrosity.
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