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  1. Haha you are a mad man if you believe that mate. Lol. But tbf to them st just are a good bunch.
  2. 11 times the kids ran on the pitch was you sipping whiskey in your £1 cup of tea. The kids were playing on the side line away from play both dug out were well behaved and were not in the way of the assistant on the line as they would have told them to step back. I think you just have an issue with Falmouth as you have only come on here to slate them. It was a good game of end to end fast paced football. Don't come on here complaining about clubs. The old saying if you have nothing nice to say then dont say anything.
  3. Thanks for the feed back guys. Both teams were great. Behaved themselves, done their clubs proud and a special mention to all the guys at penryn behind the football for the hospitality. Esp Tom Blewett who always rolls out the red carpet and does so much that may not be noticed. Thanks all. Also pitch was awesome Dave has really put a shift in on it. Thanks all. Best of luck to both teams for the rest of the season.
  4. Nice write up mate. Thanks. Not everyone will agree with the yellow card for ryan. But thats football. On a different note it was great to catch up with you today. Hopefully ill see you around somemore.
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