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  1. He gave up his time and did a great job. Both were excellent on the day. Simon york of newquay was also top quality. I told them the expectations and they both delivered excellently. They both deserve praise. Both clubs and all involved with the game were great. Thank you to everyone.
  2. I use an app cos refsix. I can email a form to each team you fill it out and send it back to me. Job done. No messing around and I have both team sheets.
  3. Great game at newquay today vs mount Gould. Two teams just playing football. Great attitudes from all. Some tidy football by both teams and 9 well taken goals on the day. Can someone from mount gould tell me the name of there linesman please he did a great job. Need to put his name on the ECPL refs form.
  4. Thank you. Yes the keeper made some fantastic saves today. Both teams played great and lanreath defended solid for so long. Well done to st mawgan ended too strong for lanreath but a good game.
  5. Haha you are a mad man if you believe that mate. Lol. But tbf to them st just are a good bunch.
  6. And who is this? I was told it was called off at dinner time but st just asked for the pitch to be given a chance. Saturday morning the pitch was playable but faint lines and it started to rain so they couldn't mark the pitch. That's what I was told. No I didn't do an inspection.
  7. To be fair to st just. The game was called off dinner time by the ref. St just asked for time to give the pitch a chance. I was told by paul Murphy today that st just had worked hard and the pitch was looking good to be played providing lines could be marked out. Unfortunately the weather has beaten us this time as when they attempted to line it the heavens opened. So fair play to st just and credit to them for trying. I was appointed 3 games in 36 hrs and all 3 beaten by the weather.
  8. If that's the case I'll say thank you. But who are you?
  9. Lower league sides also pay for referee appointments. So in turn deserve the same. Maybe if clubs stop abusing referees there would be more willingness to take up the whistle. I hear this all the time so stop complaining and be pro-active or is it a case of u get scared when players shout at you, yet you will doit yourself. Take it up for a season help the shortage.
  10. Haha your both very funny. Haha imagine the complaint if you didn't have the ref and assistant for the game. What if the barman or tea lady had to ref it cos no one was available.
  11. 11 times the kids ran on the pitch was you sipping whiskey in your £1 cup of tea. The kids were playing on the side line away from play both dug out were well behaved and were not in the way of the assistant on the line as they would have told them to step back. I think you just have an issue with Falmouth as you have only come on here to slate them. It was a good game of end to end fast paced football. Don't come on here complaining about clubs. The old saying if you have nothing nice to say then dont say anything.
  12. Marazion 6.3 veryan (senior cup) Cracking game for the neutral. 0.0 for 36 mins both teams evenly matched before marazion took the lead. Game was again evenly matched before marazion hit a 3 in a spell of 7 mins between the hr mark and 67th min. At 4.0 down it looked as though that was game. Veryan had other ideas didnt give up on the game and hit back on the 68th to keep the fight alive. Veryan kept pushing and hit 2 goals in on the 87th min before marazion nailed the coffin with a calmly finished 6th on the 89th. Both teams played a great game and made it great day out in the
  13. Yep. Adi Clements is middle and me and Lee are assisting him. Newquay vs wendron 19:30 kick off
  14. Haha thats why im asking who it is mate. I have a fan or some1 being sarcastic lol I like your thinking mate lol
  15. Thanks for the compliment. It was a great game to referee. Both teams were spot on. Thanks for the compliment. It was a great game to referee. Both teams were spot on.
  16. Why not give to mid sept thats still enough time. Why risk loosing another 2 teams.
  17. I reffed carharrick last season when they were struggling and again saturday just gone and although the football was ten times better the hospitality and welcome ive received has been as high as ever. Its great to see how glen and rich have rebuilt and reformed carharrick after a nightmare season for the club last year. Credit to rich for not rolling over last yr and his hard work has definitely been rewarded.
  18. Thanks for the feed back guys. Both teams were great. Behaved themselves, done their clubs proud and a special mention to all the guys at penryn behind the football for the hospitality. Esp Tom Blewett who always rolls out the red carpet and does so much that may not be noticed. Thanks all. Also pitch was awesome Dave has really put a shift in on it. Thanks all. Best of luck to both teams for the rest of the season.
  19. Nice write up mate. Thanks. Not everyone will agree with the yellow card for ryan. But thats football. On a different note it was great to catch up with you today. Hopefully ill see you around somemore.
  20. I spoke to adam earlier and wished him a speedy recovery. Adam will bounce back from this the guys hard as nails.
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