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  1. I spoke to adam earlier and wished him a speedy recovery. Adam will bounce back from this the guys hard as nails.
  2. Im sure as a good guy like you are if adam is short of cash you will look after him. 💷💷💷
  3. I will not comment on matts decision as its not my place and i was doing my own game. You saying disgusting and making it look like tom is a hooligan. Yes your entitled to an opinion but you know what they say "if you've got nothing good to say then dont say anything." This kind of crap "disgusting tackle" is why players are dropping out the lad gets a punishment from the ccfa with out you lot passing judgement. All you heros out there could say game abandoned due to adam brown picking up an injury resulting in tom butt red card from the challenge.
  4. Dont homans have a first aider isnt it league requirements to have a qualified first aider to treat your own players?
  5. The admin of this forum is a disgrace. Ban me if you think different. ALL THIS CRAP ABOUT TOM AND ADAM I KNOW BOTH PLAYERS AND HAVE FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS NEITHER ARE THUGS OR DIRTY PLAYERS. WHY IS THE ADMIN TEAM ALLOWING THIS TO CONTINUE.... freedom of speach is one thing but to allow this behaviour and type of comments to be written is a disgrace to Cornish football. Having spoken to alot of players even holmans players alot saying it was an accident or 50/50 i wont comment on matts decision as its not my place to but the common opinion is it was an ACCIDENT. stop slagging a good lad off. Its disappointing to see this on a forum.
  6. New Inn Titans 2.2 West cornwall. Titans win 3.2 A.E.T Great competitive game played by two fine teams. Well done New Inn Titans good luck in the final.
  7. No point trying to justify your actions. The people writing these have already made their minds up and opinions on events. If you have any doubt on a decision after a game ring 1 of the senior lads who been doing it since the stone age. I often speak to luke wilkes about events and decisions ive made. If you know you did it right then happy days if ur thinking after did i make a mistake ask a fellow ref. This forum wont give u the answer you need.
  8. I suggested this last year staggered kick off times. teams who can fixture them to k.off (fixture 1) 11.30/12 then (fixture 2) kick off 2.30/3 and have this as official league k.off times there will be teams that will benefit early kick off.
  9. hayle 1.1 st just competitive game played in general good spirit. thanks to hayle for the food after.
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