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  1. Rappo thank you for your kind words bud....but I would take this opportunity to apologise for my commitments about ref’s and assistants I think you do a thankless job it’s just hard to take when some decisions cost games but I know that can’t be helped......it’s part of football 👍⚽️
  2. I’m aloud my opinion just like the rest of you........I started this topic just wanting to say good luck to a new management team at Perranporth but as usual people turn it on its head so it’s all about what players get paid......loyalty.....now we are on about Ref’s linesman!! I’ve had my say if anyone what’s to talk to me talk to me face to face at a game I like to think I’m am an approachable bloke so just ask for a chat! My last post on this topic Danny O ⚽️
  3. Fair play to them your right.....but when you draw a game because the oppositions linesman gives off side (to what would’ve been the winning goal) when it obviously wasn’t to everyone in the ground I Call that something else che.....!!! Yes I’ve played at a higher level so I think I have the right to my say I know the ref’s do there best but some of there decisions on the pitch just make you think what’s the point in playing like not giving obvious penalties then giving the opposition one for the same thing 2 mins later.......letting horrendous tackles go then giving a foul for a perfectly goo
  4. I carry on playing because I’m still good enough to and I love the game........I’m fit and can still play 90 mins no problem.......Leeds I dropped down a league because My mate Lee asked me to sign to no other reason....👍⚽️ But your right about the standard it’s very poor apart from the top teams! Ref’s are poor and having club linesman is a nightmare 😬 and Theold........ hope you got your sick bucket in time 😂
  5. Apart from yourself of course Harry least you’ll win something this year bud 👍 but I didn’t want to know if anyone got paid or not at the club none of my business! See you around mate! ⚽️
  6. No balls then lol 😂 thought that would be the case...
  7. Right I started this chat to say good luck to Luke and Ben but you still get the idiots who turn it to make it about money! Pointless! I signed for Lee he left not because of results but for personal reasons he loves the club......So I’ve left because Lee has left simple as that! If any one wants to say anymore crap private message me 👍⚽️
  8. Big bad Barry would you like to name the players getting this money?? seeming you seem to know it all....love you guys who don’t use your real names on this forum.....perranporth is a great club but I signed for Lee and thought I was going to take over as manger the board thought different so like I’ve said good luck to Luke and Ben 👍⚽️
  9. Thank you St Darren someone who’s got something worth saying 👏⚽️
  10. Big bad fox get your facts right! I’ve left the club because I thought I was going to be the next manager (don’t know why I should have to explain) but the club decided to Give Luke and Ben a chance which they both deserved having been involved with the club for 3 years! Wish the club all the best 👍⚽️
  11. Just want to Say good luck to the new management team at Perranporth of Luke Kelland and Ben Hart who have taken over after Lee Denton Stood down as first team manager for personal reasons. I myself (Danny O’Hagan)have been taking on the first team duties for the last couple weeks while Lee has taken time away but he has made the decision not to return! On hearing Lee’s decision I’ve also decided to leave the club and I wish Luke and Ben and the lads all the best for the rest of the season! ⚽️
  12. Just wanted to say I think Reynolds will do a great job at PZ as manager and James Greets is a top bloke and will do a great job as head coach I played with him at Blazey when we kept them up when they only had 5 points half way through the season (the great escape) he was great to have in the changing room and took the training to take the pressure off Alan Carey .....so I wish Anthony and Robbie and Greets all the best for this season at PZ 👍⚽️
  13. Sorry to inform you Leeds that I’m no longer at Porthleven I have been released......After making the tough decision to leave Bodmin after being asked by porthleven to sign since the start of the season I make the move to so I can play every week then play 2 games at Centre half after been signed as a striker then I’m suspended for 1 game then cup tied against st day to then get a call out of the blue before the bude game to say I’m being released! Early retirement it might be!!
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