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  1. Because teams just sign on as many players as they want. Then don't play them. But players then arn't free to go play elsewhere until a transfer is done
  2. Speak to green matador on here has an everton logo
  3. Just duchy for past 6 years as rm/rb and and one season as keeper Just Duchy div 1 and lower past 6 years just as rm/rb and one season as keeper
  4. I have recently moved to perranporth. Looking for any team to join within the area
  5. what is everyone's thoughts on scrapping the rolling subs rule as mangers don't use all 5 subs that are available, and reffereed alot of games this season seeing some young lads face. because he didn't get on when really he should be with the rolling sub rule seems pointless to me of the coach having him come
  6. players being left out due to coaches/managers playing favorites, or disliking players for personal reason, also would think it be a good idea for league to add a terminate player registration by mutal consent being added, so players don't miss games when could be playing
  7. hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me, if I'm signed with a duchy team, I'm I free to sign in the tralwney league or would I need to transfer
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