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  1. I agree it's tough on Mousehole and Brixham in the East Div as equally deserve the opportunity but we only get 4 spaces instead of 6 sadly. Money doesn't always talk Journeyman, you can still achieve many things and be successful without chucking everything at it and to go western league with a view of instant promotion to the southern league is a tad short sighted unless like certain clubs you have a rich benefactor. Higher league opposition, longer travel distances all play a part and having seen step 5 opposition in the vase any of the sides eligible could hold their own and stabilise first season in then build from there who knows what's possible for all our local sides over the next couple of seasons.
  2. Very true Richard, there are plenty of clubs where the lads still pay subs to play for their club πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
  3. You don't have to pay mega bucks to be successful, a lot of clubs build a squad and management team that stay together and improve year in year out so not always about money.
  4. Yeah fully understand that John, I guess what line is drawn as a criminal case or bringing the game into disrepute by naming the club, whatever happened is done now so time to move on Yeah the Blazey committee don't need to rush any decision and it is entirely up to them how they deal with it, I'm sure they are sick of hearing about it πŸ˜‚
  5. I think this sets a precedent that all clubs can just do what they want with little or no repercussions at all, Blazey were never gonna get rid of their management as it's their choice to dig their heels in which they've done. There seems to be a serious lack of backbone regarding any sort of governance in our county regarding anything football but no one should really be that surprised should they ! we now move on to whatever the next shocker will be.
  6. They broke the law it's not just a night out with the lads, this isn't the woman's fault who filmed it and called the police ! have you not seen what's happening currently around the world, if you resided there would you turn a blind eye to it all ? Probably not ! Whilst doing all that they also decided to mention they play for St Blazey as well hence this mess. let's wait and see what happens when CCFA return in the new year but whatever they get they deserve simple as that as no sympathy for the players or management.
  7. 15% home support in tier 3 so an actual FA rule ! It's bizarre and there was more like 300 in there Saturday it's been a great run in the vase but we move on back to business now and some league action πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
  8. There was a 200 capacity at victory stadium due to Covid rules with a 150 limit of supporters in the 500 seat main stand, Millbrook officials seated one end within a taped area, sadly there was no segregation so home supporters were sat within touching distance with no masks on. there were some covid measures in place but not in the stand as no seats were taped off for distancing, some supporters wore masks and had space but there should never be supporters allowed in at that tier level as completely unsafe even if just home supporters if they cared which some obviously didn't. the rest of the stand was busy as some local Pompey fans poured in to watch the game. as for the vile abuse on social media it was a mix of their players and supporters that was relentless through the night and very unpleasant as was the disgusting behaviour by their players at the final whistle which the officials are reporting on. that said they deserved to win the game as Brook weren't at their best so good luck to them in the next round if it ever gets played.
  9. Like most clubs, we cut our cloth accordingly, stability and managing ambition is a fine balance. Investment off field and in pitch maintenance machinery, then seating and covered standing areas is a massive cost.This is the first consideration followed by travel costs, player availability midweek, expenses, extra cost of officials. It has to be asked what cost for success, only a small amount of clubs at our level are fortunate enough to have great backing, let’s hope when they create the new step 5 league mid south west the western will become more Devon and Cornwall based allowing for more realistic promotion opportunities to arise for all our local clubs.
  10. A very long way to go yet Mike, you can lose 2 in a row and be 5th it’s that tight, it’s been a massive shift from all the lads so far against some good sides, so onto for me many peoples favourites Ilfracombe, a proper tough away trip πŸ˜ƒ
  11. Sadly this was inevitable at some stage, fingers crossed that everyone concerned stays safe and well.
  12. You make it sound like they had the reserves in ! They only had Sam Hughes missing, we were better over most areas of the pitch, they ran out of ideas as we pressed them all over and we fully deserved our victory.
  13. So out of 16 sides in the league only four got in touch ? Glad the management haven’t been biased towards their own squads !
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