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    Why are they employed

    I think it's purely down to names. Chairman would rather give the job to someone who has done it time and again, then risk someone that no one has heard of
  2. I think it's positive having them in the league. Gives the youngsters of our city's only professional club a chance to play at a good competitive level. It also means that the players in the league get to test themselves against young professionals to see just how good they are. Did I see a comment about travelling again? Imagine if a Devon side, for instance Cullompton, had to travel to the depths of Cornwall for an evening game, is that fair? Of course it is, get over it as it isn't every week!
  3. gingerninja


    I was wondering more if The BALD ONE would be able to give us a report on each teams pasties.....
  4. Again, aware the club he's signed for isn't in this league, but I'm wondering what people think of this move? I've never seen him play but his record does speak for himself. I am looking forward to seeing him in action
  5. By the looks of it Jordan has signed perminantly for Parkway and will play as cover for Falmouth, given he played and scored yesterday for Parkway whilst Falmouth had a massive game away at Tavistock
  6. You can't do that without asking people's permission due to the new GDPR laws. It's a very fine line these days, and I'd hate to see the forum getting wrapped up in something wrong
  7. With the new laws regarding GDPR you'll have to be very very careful going down the road of using people's real names/verifying them through ID. Some people might start getting funny if they feel their personal information is getting shared elsewhere.....
  8. gingerninja


    Having bad images in my mind now! As for the highlights packaged I've been really impressed with how they've improved this season, looking more and more professional
  9. gingerninja


    Exactly the same with me. Was a bit shocked there wasn't any updates, had to text my scout to find out who had scored!
  10. gingerninja

    Parkway recruitment needed

    I think Afful would give us another option down the right wing. At the moment I like to see Mike Smith there, but the great thing about Smith is wherever you put him, he'll do a great job. Possibly Smith up top? Or are these signings there to boost the depth of the squad as a few times we've been down to the bare bones?
  11. gingerninja

    Parkway recruitment needed

    Just saw confirmed on twitter Les Afful has signed. If I'm correct wasn't he at Truro recently?
  12. gingerninja

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    That's also assuming Spuds make it that far!
  13. gingerninja

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    Just got my ticket for Spuds v Chelsea. In a way I'm a bit gutted that it's not at the new ground, would've been nice to tick another ground off the list. On the other hand, another trip to Wembley on the cards. Given our history pre 1997 any Chelsea fan would've bitten your hand off for that!
  14. gingerninja


    I've been saying for a little while a new clubhouse wouldn't go amiss. Great news for the club moving forwards, hopefully bring in some extra revenue if it's able to be hired out
  15. The problem is even when he doesn't get a response he still spouts absolute rubbish. When people respond, he then goes on the defensive claiming they're getting personal!
  16. Yes. He ruins any good decent topic or discussion.
  17. No one pays any attention to your predictions Big Al. You ALWAYS back against 'your' club yet you never actually go to watch them
  18. Oh no, not The BALD ONE and pasties, they really do not mix well after!!!
  19. He won't even watch a game for a bag of chips let alone play ??
  20. Including Parkway who he has played and scored for. Loyalty to a club who are at a lower level? No it's a player wanting to further himself. As mentioned above, the exact same that the Landricombe's, Rocky Neale, River Allen etc have done. Good on any player who wants to test themselves at a higher level. Massive credit to them
  21. gingerninja

    FA Vase 3rd Rd Draw

    Willand are one of the best sides in the league, will be a very tricky test for Bodmin. Both Saltash and Snozzle have great chances of making it through
  22. Big Al it's probably worth dropping it now. You constantly claim you can't afford a few quid to watch 'your' team play. Then when you get offered the chance to go, paid for, with a nice cuppa waiting for you, you blank them and not respond/turn up. You're just playing ignorant and rude
  23. I wonder if there will be people moaning about the two Mike's playing for Launceston the way they moaned about SWPL players playing for Parkway.....
  24. Or is it the other way round where he'll play for Parkway mainly and will play for Godolphin when he's not playing for Parkway? Just seems weird Parkway would announce him as a signing if he wasn't playing as a main team
  25. gingerninja

    Parkway recruitment needed

    Mike Landricombe has played when he was available. Problem is most Parkway games fall on the same day as Tivvy games