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  1. No wonder they didn't allow you in the ground with your dog when Cardiff came to town, there would be far too many people there!
  2. Could always leave the dog at home, would be safer than leaving him in a car on what could be a sunny day
  3. I'm happy with the substitution one as it would help prevent time wasting. As for the rebound law, pathetic. Glad it's fake news!
  4. Another negative Parkway comment. Whatever new?!
  5. I thought they must've been a reason for this. Thanks for clearing that up gents
  6. Melksham Town finished 2nd last season but took promotion to the Southern League Division 1 South....
  7. Fully understand, probably too early to be asking that question really. Thoughts and prayers are with those who were closest to Jim, may he RIP
  8. RVP is there any plans for some sort of memorial for Jim? Naming something in the clubhouse after him or similar? Just wondering....
  9. Oh dear, never give BALD ONE a bad pasty, you'll hear about it for days.....and you'll smell it for days as well 😂😂
  10. Don't worry RVP we all try and forget about the bald one!
  11. Apologies then my good man, I misinterpreted your post. I did see that Millbrook have applied and I hope if Parkway don't get it, it'll be Millbrook. I'm with you regarding Leyton Orient. For a club of their size they shouldn't need the grant
  12. Fair enough, but this was posted in the Toolstation Western League section, not the SWPL section, therefore stop your moaning! Parkway fans can't do right for wrong around here....
  13. If I can get to a few games I'll do my best to produce a report, will have to check my shifts! Even better, get the game on Facetime!
  14. I wonder if there will be complaints about there not being any match reports for those games......
  15. Apologies, been playing a bit too much non league football manager! Haha. You're right regarding other clubs, I believe there's a Saltash account on here that gives good reports as well as team stats etc
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