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  1. gingerninja

    Why are they employed

    Farke was Klopp's youth manager, not so much an established name but was heard of, Lampard and Gerrard wouldn't have got their jobs had it not been for world class playing careers, Ralph Hasenhuttl has done a fantastic job at Leipzig and was always going to get a decent job, Silva was unknown to Hull, but hardly an unknown for Watford and Everton, Remi Garde was a top manager in France, and Sherwood already had a pretty decent time at Spurs under his belt. Gary Neville got the job purely because he's best mates with the owner Arsenal did over 20 years ago, not now. Look above re Southampton
  2. gingerninja

    Why are they employed

    Gone are those days my good man, clubs won't risk a non established name these days
  3. gingerninja

    Saltash United v Cribbs FC

    Just watched the highlights and you're right, that finish and subsequent celebration was completely unprofessional and uncalled for. If I had anything to do with Saltash I'd be demanding an apology from Cribbs
  4. gingerninja

    Falmouth Town v Tavistock

    Wow that's a tough one. I think I'd go for the following.... Josh Oak, Aaron Bentley, Rob Farkins, Lewis Daw, Josh Robbins, Jack Crago, Ben Joyce, Christian Popple, Mike Williams, Jordan Annear, Stewart Yetton. A few big names I couldn't included, very hard to leave Mike Smith out who arguably could've been in front of Crago
  5. gingerninja

    Falmouth Town v Tavistock

    I wouldn't mind half the Tavi squad pulling on the famous yellow and blue
  6. gingerninja

    Why are they employed

    I think it's purely down to names. Chairman would rather give the job to someone who has done it time and again, then risk someone that no one has heard of
  7. I think it's positive having them in the league. Gives the youngsters of our city's only professional club a chance to play at a good competitive level. It also means that the players in the league get to test themselves against young professionals to see just how good they are. Did I see a comment about travelling again? Imagine if a Devon side, for instance Cullompton, had to travel to the depths of Cornwall for an evening game, is that fair? Of course it is, get over it as it isn't every week!
  8. gingerninja


    I was wondering more if The BALD ONE would be able to give us a report on each teams pasties.....
  9. By the looks of it Jordan has signed perminantly for Parkway and will play as cover for Falmouth, given he played and scored yesterday for Parkway whilst Falmouth had a massive game away at Tavistock
  10. You can't do that without asking people's permission due to the new GDPR laws. It's a very fine line these days, and I'd hate to see the forum getting wrapped up in something wrong
  11. With the new laws regarding GDPR you'll have to be very very careful going down the road of using people's real names/verifying them through ID. Some people might start getting funny if they feel their personal information is getting shared elsewhere.....
  12. gingerninja


    Having bad images in my mind now! As for the highlights packaged I've been really impressed with how they've improved this season, looking more and more professional
  13. gingerninja


    Exactly the same with me. Was a bit shocked there wasn't any updates, had to text my scout to find out who had scored!
  14. gingerninja

    Parkway recruitment needed

    I think Afful would give us another option down the right wing. At the moment I like to see Mike Smith there, but the great thing about Smith is wherever you put him, he'll do a great job. Possibly Smith up top? Or are these signings there to boost the depth of the squad as a few times we've been down to the bare bones?
  15. gingerninja

    Parkway recruitment needed

    Just saw confirmed on twitter Les Afful has signed. If I'm correct wasn't he at Truro recently?