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  1. As a keen Parkway follower, wow, I was not expecting that result! Always thought it would be a tough game, but I don't think anyone expected the scoreline to be that one sided. I couldn't make the game myself, but from my scout reports safe to say the better won by a canter. A bit annoyed to hear of the lack of Parkway staying behind for refreshments, to me that's disrespectful towards the hosting club, but I'm sure they have their reasons. Congratulations St Austell, best of luck in the next round
  2. Wow what a result that is! Didn't expect that, although I did expect a Tavistock victory. I wonder what the reactions will be on here though, Cornwall's top team in the league completely distroyed by Devon's top team in the league!
  3. Many clubs also welcome being big fish in small ponds
  4. gingerninja


    Waiting to see if my annual leave has been accepted. 🤞It does
  5. gingerninja

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    Where is SSS? Oh yeah, only appears when Spuds win! Such a Spursy thing to do tonight. Absolutely loved it
  6. gingerninja


    Can't believe this has been cancelled as Torquay, of all the clubs, can't field a team!
  7. gingerninja


    'the odd beverage'?
  8. gingerninja

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    Oh dear, 2 losses in 2 games. The Spuds are falling!
  9. I got it wrong with Exmouth yes, no idea who this 'Neil' guy is you claim I am. As for 'dissing the quality of the SWPL' didn't I also predict that Falmouth would win? I've also said many SWPL sides would cope with the standard of the Western league easily, with the likes of Tavistock and Saltash challenging for promotion. If we get Exmouth, bring it on will be a good competitive game
  10. I see I was correct about Falmouth.....
  11. Falmouth have a very good chance here
  12. Bridgwater are a good side, they'll comfortably beat Exmouth. Falmouth have a great chance though, would be good to see them marching on, especially as Big Al loves to put them down at every opportunity
  13. gingerninja


    According to his profile he's also a fan of Bodmin and St Austell.....also 3 hour round trip to Street? The bloke must have been speeding to do it that quickly
  14. gingerninja


    I'd love to reschedule work for another day but some of us just don't have that luxury. The cheek of it telling us what to do and not to do. How about do one and stop making us Parkway fans look like mugs
  15. gingerninja

    Promotion Hopes? No chance.

    Having had a flick through Timmy's profile he's commented a few times in the past year and all have been anti Parkway. Probably time to change the record and move on