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  1. No offence intended for the lovely tea ladies... They do make a good brew
  2. Those bloody referees. Obviously it's all their fault. How else would their have been such a gap in the scoreline? Ridiculous comment which obviously blames everyone other than the Parkway team from their loss. Tea lady at fault too?
  3. Dave Bartlam

    Trelawny & Cups - Saturday 6 October 2018

    Gents, This falls under the rules and discipline (Governance) department at Cornwall FA, not the League. We would only get involved if the Cornwall FA advised us to do so. Looking at the above statement, if what Leehh's said is true, then those two comments by the Stithians players were easy red card offences for Offensive, Insulting and/or Abusive behaviour. As the referee on the day, the man in the middle has the full backing of Cornwall FA and the Trelawny League. Seriously gents, we need to stop with all this nonsense on social media. Slagging people off from behind a keyboard and absuing people online is not cool. It can also lead to misconduct charges brought against the assailants under rule E3 (I believe) for bringing the game into disrepute. It is not uncommon for individuals to be sanctioned due to their conduct on social media platforms. The beauty of this forum is that we can share our opinions and experiences within our community - that doesn't give us the right to attack people behind an alias and a keyboard. If you'd like to discuss any of the above for clarification, please feel free to contact me (tlregsec@outlook.com). Let's just stop with the nonsense on here. All the issues above for the games that have been thrust into the spotlight are being dealt with by the club's in question, the Cornwall FA and the Trelawny League respectively.
  4. Dave Bartlam

    Sticker vesus Saltash

    The question has been raised time and time again why referees do it? The abuse the refs get at level four is ridiculous. Want to know what I think would sort it... Take the marking of referees away from the clubs and also make the players/mangers actions have an effect on more than just the club's bank balance. Dissent costs £10 for the player but can also lead to a loss of control for the match official on the day - there's nothing worse for a referee than the feeling of losing control of a match. My opinion, use the amount of red cards/yellow cards/misconduct charges against the club which affects it's chances of receiving FA/Football Foundation funding. Hit clubs where it hurts and it would soon stop. Take away their Charter Standard Status, take away any form of funding so they would have to source their own cash injection to improve facilities, they will soon learn. As a level 6-5 referee who often works with level fours on SWPL, I find it incredibly frustrating on the sidelines when I see these very good referees having to "manage" these situations. A bad game in the eyes of the guy who marks the referee could be the difference between the referee gaining promotion to level three, staying where he is or even being demoted to a level 5 - even though the referee could have done absolutely everything in accordance with the lawbook. I certainly have no desire to reach level four because there would not be 22 players left on the field at the end of the game should attitudes and behaviour remain the same. I'd reach level four and then be demoted the season after because my club marks would be poor - I wouldn't tolerate it. I wish the SWPL club could experience what our clubs in the Trelawny League are currently experiencing in regards to the shortage of referees. We are almost 20 short this week alone in this League (Duchy are also short). We seriously need to see a reduction in abuse on Matchday and on social media platforms. Having an opinion is our God given right, however it should be voiced in the correct manner. My own personal opinion, of course.
  5. Dave Bartlam

    Billy Chown RIP

    Sorry to hear this
  6. Dave Bartlam

    Trelawny & Cups - Saturday 6 October 2018

    If Stithians or any team feel aggrieved by a refereeing performance, they need to mark the referee a mark of 60 or below and submit an adverse report form - they should know the process.
  7. Dave Bartlam

    Why the shortage?

    As some of you may have seen, I put a post up on the Trelawny League's Facebook page yesterday to try and gauge some opinions on the current referee shortage. The responses were somewhat rather similar however there were a number of unique answers. Here are the questions that I asked: 1. What is your role on game day? 2. Why do you think there is a shortage of referees? 3. What do you think needs to be done to recruit more referees into the game? 4. Do you think enough is being done to recruit and retain referees by League's, County FA's and the National FA? I'll run through the groups (managers, referees etc) and put the response received - in brackets will be the number of people that agreed with the original statement. some have a number of roles (player and referee, player and secretary etc).. Players Why do you think there is a shortage of referees? Poor Discipline & Abuse (2) Distances they have to travel Finance (low match fee, rising fuel costs etc) (2) Referee course is too expensive Referee course is too long Not enough young people Players/volunteers are lazy Too many fixtures on a Saturday What do you think needs to be done to recruit more referees into the game? Increase Match Fee (2) Lower ref course fees Make it compulsory that a club has a qualified referee (2) Better education through the coaching process Do you think enough is being done to recruit and retain referees by League's, County FA's and the National FA? Not sure (2) League should stop accepting new teams League are doing everything they can Referees get promoted too quick Referees Why do you think there is a shortage of referees? Poor Discipline & Abuse (7) Work/Family Commitments No interest in refereeing Match fee too low (2) Too many clubs/fixtures Poor changing facilities What do you think needs to be done to recruit more referees into the game? Improve Youth Level coaching More support from Cornwall FA for ALL referees, not just the "select few" Bring down the cost of the course (2) Reduce course length Do you think enough is being done to recruit and retain referees by League's, County FA's and the National FA? National FA don't care Cornwall FA could do more (2) Referee Workforce Officer is new in the role but is a breath of fresh air - it takes time. It is improving (2) I emailed Cornwall FA but had no response RWO and Referee Appointments Officer are doing what they can Club Officials (Manager, Secretary etc and/or spectators Why do you think there is a shortage of referees? Ageing referees retiring with no younger replacements Abuse/Discipline (4) Work/Family Commitments (2) No interest What do you think needs to be done to recruit more referees into the game? Make it compulsory that a club has a qualified referee (3) Create an "overview" course (one day) for volunteer referees (Club referees) (3) Recruit new referees via college courses Introduce the referee course as part of a college course (sports) Reduce cost of course (free) Harsher penalties for offenders hurling abuse at the referees Do you think enough is being done to recruit and retain referees by League's, County FA's and the National FA? For teams postponing games due to no referees, the fixture should be a 0-0 draw and not be rescheduled SWPL teams should provide qualified assistant referees to run their lines instead of FA referees Young referees are being pushed up the ladder with no replacements (2) Referees pushed too fast, too soon (2) I stopped refereeing for one season and didn't re-register - I was told I'd have to retake the course More referee training evenings Trelawny League recruit referees for FA, FA then take the away Respect Campaign is not enforced at the higher level Too much analysis on TV of refereeing decisions Looking at the above, the general opinion seems to be, in no particular order: 1. Abuse/respect discipline 2. Referee match fee too low 3. Clubs should have a qualified referee in their ranks 4. Referee Course is too long and too expensive 5. A "volunteer referee" course should be introduced 6. Referees promoted too quickly 7. Work/family commitments 8. Cornwall FA need to do more - however a number of people, particularly referees stated that things are getting better since the appointment of the new RWO 9. League need to reduce the number of fixtures each week For me, I personally don't find the abuse at the level I referee at (Trelawny and Combination) to be that bad. When I've played/watched games, I do tend to see the young referees who haven't got the experience behind them getting the stick - also the older generation who are less able to get about the pitch get alot of flak. However, I must admit that I find the abuse that referees (Match referees and Assistant Referees) get at SWPL level to be atrocious. Players surrounding us after a decision has been made, managers strolling onto the pitch voicing their opinions at half time and at the end of the game together with the constant barrage of abuse during the game, coupled with the dressing down and slagging off that they then get on social media after the game, it is no wonder that we are short. There is no real quick fix. People say referees at that level should just send off the assailants - referees are told to "manage" these situations... However, by doing that, it only takes one bad club mark from a club to end a referees prospect of promotion... Should that club-marking system be taken away, I believe you would see a huge increase in referees actually taking action! It's catch 22 for them. This is the exact reason I will not be going for promotion to level 4 - there'd be abandonment's every week due to a lack of players! That said - I must admit I do enjoy running the line on SWPL. I am yet to receive a level of abuse that has made me want to stop lining. I have however seen enough of the match referees being abused (that's exactly what it is) to make me realise that level of refereeing would not suit my nature (low tolerance levels) at all. If anyone on the forum wants to have a go at answering the four questions, put them below and I'll add them to the above
  8. Dave Bartlam

    Why the shortage?

    @fenman - a great post.
  9. Dave Bartlam

    Trelawny Flexi League

    It is indeed. Have a look on Facebook for Trelawny Flexi League
  10. Dave Bartlam

    Yet again no ref yet

    Fixturing hasn't got anything to do with the county - this is down to the leagues. We have asked our clubs to consider early kick offs so that refs like myself can do two games in a day. It is up to the club's to decide whether they want to do this - many decline. That is their choice. For me, I'd like to have 5 games a week with an 11am kick off - however this would require a rule change. It Is one I doubt our clubs would agree too
  11. Dave Bartlam

    Yet again no ref yet

    Yeah, it's a countrywide issue however I'm led to believe that we are one of the worst affected County's. We've got another course at the end of the month so hopefully that I'll plug a gap.
  12. Dave Bartlam

    Trelawny & Cups - Saturday 6 October 2018

    I have my own opinions on what's being discussed here, but I will keep them to myself. However, what I will say is that Stithians are another club that have been struggling of late who should be very proud of the fact that they are fulfilling their fixtures. This result would not have been nice for them! Look at the senior cup today; Ludgvan, Mullion, Pendeen, St Teath etc all unable to raise a side for one of the finest competitions in Cornish Football! These are good established clubs here. My hat goes off to the teams that are doing their best to get on with it! For me, I have more respect for Stithians for playing the game (and losing) than I have for TMS for winning it; purely because of the situation - nothing more. With all of that said - I'd like to thank our clubs and volunteers today that again are bailing us out of the brown stuff with regards to the current refereeing situation. Without the proactive teams willing to go for an early kick off, those agreeing to play with no referee and of course to these volunteers who take up that thankless task in the midde, we would have had over 50 postponements due to no referee already! Combine that and another wet winter - well, you know what happened last season. My last note to these volunteers is if you have issued cautions or sent players off today, please get in touch with me on tlregsec@outlook.com so I can advise you on what needs to happen.
  13. Dave Bartlam

    Yet again no ref yet

    East aswell
  14. Dave Bartlam

    Contact number

    It's in the handbook I've sent to Meady (also in the Cornwall FA Handbook)
  15. Dave Bartlam

    Yet again no ref yet

    And thats why I wouldn't take my other half and kids to a game 😕
  16. Dave Bartlam

    Ref needed 6th October at madron

    I can help if you can do an 11am kick off
  17. Dave Bartlam

    Yet again no ref yet

    Chris, get Fred to give Paul Murphy a call to discuss it. There's is a refs course in a few weeks, hopefully this will generate some more referees
  18. Dave Bartlam

    Trelawny League - Saturday 29 Sept 2018

    There certainly wasn't any disrespect or even dissent shown prior to my dismissal so don't look to far into this. Unfortunately, it was a misinterpretation and incorrect use of the TD by the referee on the day in my opinion. I didn't question his decision, I just walked off when he told me he was sending me off so there was no lack of respect etc. It was only my second ever caution... My previous one coming in a Sunday League game which I'd set up as part of the referee course. That was an awkward one.
  19. Dave Bartlam

    Trelawny League - Saturday 29 Sept 2018

    A man of many talents you could say
  20. Dave Bartlam

    Trelawny League - Saturday 29 Sept 2018

    Don't get me started!!! I've only just got over what happened 😂
  21. Dave Bartlam

    Ref needed for Saturday pls

    I'm happy to ref any games with a kick off at 12pm latest with a very quick turn around at half time if it means keeping a game from being postponed - that's so long as I can get to my own game before kick off. Otherwise, 11:15. I appreciate that people work on Saturdays, but I have to question their commitment...... Who chooses career/money/job over football?!?!
  22. Dave Bartlam


    I have worked very closely with all at the Cornwall FA over the last few seasons and they have been nothing but helpful and pro-active. You mention huge salaries - are you serious? You could probably earn more working at Aldi or Tesco than these guys. A quick Google search can confirm that! There have been a few vacancies recently advertised by Cornwall FA; put your money where your mouth is and get involved. Offer your services. Go and help this apparent crumbling mess turn into something amazing. Or you could carry on doing what you do best, moaning about anything and everything that you pretty much know nothing about. You're boring - the only thing I enjoy about reading your ridiculous posts are knowing you I'll get the reaction that never fails to follow! Go and do something about it all - go and make Cornish Football great instead of sitting behind a keyboard moaning about it!
  23. Dave Bartlam

    Ref needed for Saturday pls

    I've offered a few clubs an early kick off... No-one has taken me up on my offer yet