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  1. What position do you play Michael? what standard of football have you played previously?
  2. happy to organise. Brian at Threemilestone AFC, Div 1 next season.... PM me
  3. if Franco is looking for a pre-season friendly then give me a PM. Brian from Threemilestone AFC, Div 1 next season.
  4. always keen for a friendly. Brian from Threemilestone AFC, Div 1 next season .PM me and we can arrange dates.
  5. Some good points raised by Bobjfh and also Sijames...... We are working with the Parish Council to move back to our Home ground at TMS......previously the Parish council were keen to keep the field for public use only with no football....but Ian Jay and the club have been working very hard in the background to change opinion and gain support from the council and community, (huge support from community). If we get back to TMS pitch then the future would be VERY bright. In regard to player numbers, we have already had 23 players available for the last 6 games of season, we can add to that another 10+ from our 2 Truro youth teams, (who have been together since U7's to U16's and are great friends and love playing football....and have already had their parents asking when they can sign on). Also Newbridge look like pulling out of league so at least 11 players there that will be looking to stay around Truro area to play their football....... Can we register a third team The biggest thing that people have said is....what a really good feeling is being created once again at TMS, on and off the pitch....good times are coming again and a second team is needed to satisfy demand for players.... we do have a qualified referee who would be keen to help/support the second team if elected and at present Malpas have availability for at least one more team, (potentially 2 if Newbridge do fold) Fingers crossed for your support
  6. great appointment at a great club.....always enjoyed playing at/against Penryn. good luck Symon.
  7. Hi All, i know we will get a variety of comments/support/accusations/help after this post but I wanted to ask for some support from Trelawny league clubs at the AGM next month for Threemilestone to set up the 2nd team for next season......here are the reasons why we have applied and why we need your support 1. TMS 2nds folded this season due to lack of players in first team and so 2nd team players were being asked to step up to Prem standard and as a huge step the first team suffered and the players did not enjoy playing in a higher standard and being beaten heavily every week so they walked away from football. 2. Myself and Mark Woolcock took over 7 weeks ago and gave the club a huge boost with our knowledge, training style and motivation which saw the firsts move from having to cancel games as only 6 players available halfway through season, to us selecting teams in the last 6 weeks from availability of 23 players all wanting to be part of the revival at TMS 3. Myself and Mark coached the Truro Devils U16 side and have great links to the Truro Quattro U16 side, where at least 10 of these lads are wanting to play adult football next season, and want to play their first season under the comfort and security of a club with people they know and trust, (yes that is me and Mark ? ) 4. I believe that Newbridge are pulling out of league? If so that is one of the few clubs in the lower divisions that play in and around Truro, also leaves a vacancy at Malpas. These players are welcome to join TMS and help form two strong sides for next season in Div 1 and hopefully Div 4, otherwise we could see some of these players leaving football or having to travel miles to play their hobby 5. We are also going to be looking for New players to join us at pre-season training starting 8th June....early to get fitness levels up and to build a strong squad ethos for hopefully a title challenge in Div 1 and Div 4. so PLEASE we welcome your support and votes at the AGM in June P.S. Any new players who want to come and train with us pre-season let me know......especially a centre forward for our Div 1 challenge ?⚽️
  8. Let's get back to football matters.... Threemilestone today got their first point of the season and over the 90 minutes probably deserved all 3......having taken over 5 weeks ago it is good to see the lads taking on board our system and structure....with four 16 year olds from our current and previous Truro youth set up in the squad it was a great performance. we went 1 up early in first half when the pacy 16 year old Tom Fisher out-stripped the full back, got to the byline and pulled back to Joey Simms to smash into the roof of the net from 5 yards.......both teams then had half chances, but two other 16 year olds, Ross Woolcock in goal and Harrison Maguire at centre half stopped the St.Buryan efforts coming to anything. with 15 minutes of the first half remaining St.Buryan's number 9, who was different class, hit an unstoppable curling shot from 20 yards into the top corner and 5 minutes later he set up the second, which was smashed in from 8 yards out. at the beginning of the season I have heard that this would have signalled a landslide of goals, but not anymore. at half time we re-grouped and came out quickly and strongly......once again Fisher ran from the half way line and forced a good save from the keeper, but Jamie Shaw was on hand to knock the rebound into the net 2-2. TMS pushed on and were rewarded with a third when a good attack found Jason Pearce 12 yards out and his left footed drilled shot nestled in the bottom corner.....3-2.....but 20 minutes to go. st.Buryan with the wind behind them threw the kitchen sink at us, with the back 4 of Dean Robins, Ian Jay, Harrison Maguire and Dan Head, with young Woolcock behind them, somehow withstood the barrage........but with 5 minutes to go, the St.Buryan number 9 picked the ball up on the half way line, a quick look up and let fly to score an amazing "Beckham" style goal to end an amazing game of football. great signs though for next season.
  9. well done ref for coming on and explaining. You had the courtesy at the time and again after to explain your decision to me, which was much appreciated. Whether we agree on the decision is not up for discussion.....whether decisions are right or wrong, your man management by explaining why was all that mattered to me...so thank you. Hope many others take the same approach as all players and managers want is clarification. in regard to the game....another close encounter and TMS moving in right direction and building for next season in Div 1. I thought Penryn's (Helstons) number 12 made the difference and showed why he plays a few leagues higher on a Saturday. on to our last 4 games now......COYS!!
  10. agree to your comments and as someone who has been qualified in running the line, (quite a while ago ?) the raising of the flag is to alert the referee to an infringement ......no matter when the referee sees the flag, if raised, he should seek clarification.....which he was unwilling to do for a good 3 minutes, and then under duress....which was a foregone conclusion he would award the goal no matter what the linesman said.....our lino said the ref asked was it half a body or way offside....our lino said a good 3 yards...but he still gave the goal......raising of the flag is to alert ref.....but majority of good referees will always look along their diagonals at their linesman for any through ball....... I am not saying we would have won the game or even drawn, but it was very disheartening to see an FA official act in this way. Tough job I agree, but why not use the help of the linesman and not alienate yourself.....now had to score under 6 and raise a report due to one instance. Very unfortunate for a very good natured game.
  11. it was quite unreal! Linesman flagged for their forward being at least 3 yards off side and kept his flag horizontal stretched out in front....with everyone on side line shouting offside....Mr Lawrence did not notice the flag and their forward slotted home. When....Eventually....he did speak to the linesman he said "you did not have the flag raised high enough" we all said...but it was off side, does it matter how high the flag is held as now know it was off side.....however referee said as flag was not raised above head the goal will stand!!! Absurd!!! Ruined an afternoons game of football.
  12. Hello all managers, I have taken over managing Threemilestone in Premier league, (although building for division 1 next season). i have a lot of players to look at and quite a few youth players joining me so I would like to organise a friendly for 25th March as we have no game scheduled. looking to play ideally a Div 1-4 team........get in touch if you are not playing on 25th and fancy a game Thanks Brian 07739 788650
  13. Thanks....like the member name...but weren't you always older?? Back in the day, tough tackling was allowed......as were my 10-13 goals every season from midfield good times.... Whilst coaching U8 - U16's we have always promoted keeping the ball and playing it on the deck...which is why we have been so successful....hope to re-create that next season at TMS.
  14. Thanks Rappo Thanks mate....I am hoping some of his magic was passed onto me :-) If you and your lads fancy a game let me know Thanks Bobjfh.......yeah realise a world of difference, but a few of my sons football mates are playing combo and holding their own, so hoping Div 1 next season will be ok. Good heads up on signing on.....will get them all signed on next week, ready for turning 16.........cheers.
  15. Hello all. My name is Brian Fisher and I am taking on the managers position at Threemilestone AFC from 11th March. I played for Perranwell in the Combination league for 20 years, winning leagues and cups, as well as a brief half a season at Truro City South Western in 2003. After retiring I helped coach Truro City Devils youth team from U8 to U16, again winning everything from leagues, cups and the Cornwall County Cup two years running. I am coming in to steady the ship this year, (with my colleague Mark Woolcock as my number two), to bring some youth players in and to get ready for a big pre-season and league 1 next season. Our next full training session will be on Thursday 9th March at Truro School all weather pitch from 6pm to 7.30pm, any new players who want to come along are welcome, (call me on 07739788650). I am bringing in a few of my Truro youth players in March and April to gain experience for next season, but we still need experienced players to bring them on and add their knowledge to the group......so please let us know of any players who can help bolster the group. (maybe you are not getting 90 minutes every week?) With the existing group of players, some youth and some new/old blood...the future is looking bright at TMS :-)
  16. great game at St.Agnes....exciting rather than quality. ...Helston 2-1 up half time with Aggie down to 10 men....now 20 minutes to go and St.Agnes 3-2 up....but game still in balance....
  17. Newquay also hosted the 1997 charity cup final Porthleven v Perranwell (in our treble winning season) losing 3-2 to a very good Porthleven side, a league above us
  18. Give me your contact details for a chat.
  19. Mike, is there a deadline for the following; new team entered into Div 4 Trelawny league? players to register for a club for this season, ( a few of my 15 year olds turn 16 in next month or two and keen to play adult football)
  20. I also know someone who has combination experience who might be keen to take this on, but probably from Feb/March...if you can keep it going till then? let me have a phone number and I will call to discuss.
  21. I have been coaching youth football from U8's to the boys last year this year at U16 and there are some really good lads ready for next season men's football. however....i have decided to take on a men's team to manage next season, (not worked out where yet) as some of the boys in the team are good enough for what I thought would be Trelawney 2 or 3. So I went to watch a game this weekend....turned out it was a Premier league game and I thought it must have been Div 2 or 3! I am not knocking those players....but I agree that the standard from when we played Combination in the late 90's has drastically declined. Maybe too many leagues and so diluted talent? Or lads taking the step from youth to mens football is too daunting....although they shouldn't feel that as some real quality players. so will keep my eye on this forum over next few months and see if any vacancies arise for a manager in Combo or Trelawney league ? ....
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