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  1. The sin bin has definitely made players think before opening their mouths to have a go at the ref, so positive in regard to that. the issue I have is different refs have different tolerance levels and so makes the sin bin a mockery. Either it is a sin bin for saying certain thing to a ref or it isn’t. i have spoken to various referees and FA people this season and everyone has said the same to me “it depends on the referee and what he is willing to tolerate” no point bringing in a rule/law if the referees have a different interpretation of dissent. then again I have seen a referee use the sin bin well.....but allowed high tackles and professional fouls go unpunished!! a hard job to referee, but we need consistency from them ?
  2. Mousehole Reserves v TMS called off this morning
  3. If Illogan coming back down to Combo then probably only one going down?? probably need a league restructure in Trelawny anyway to make leagues more uniform (14 or 16 per league?)
  4. Totally agree. we TMS are supposed to be playing at home (Malpas) tomorrow but I can bet my mortgage that the pitch will be unplayable.....but will wait for Parks Team to call tomorrow morning, but would sooner it was called today, so people can plan their Saturday.
  5. Completely missed the point I made. no one is moaning about lack of refs or their quality, all clubs are asking is earlier notification if no ref. if no ref by a Thursday evening then call the game off and reschedule, so give every the chance to organise their lives
  6. Trispen v TMS no ref yet either. should these games not be fixtured if no ref? Nothing worse than expecting to play and no ref so no game. think most people would sooner know a week before, rather than being told at 11am that the game is off. not an ideal situation waiting till day of game!
  7. Agree totally with above comment. We at TMS did not get voted in this year to Div 4 but kept all players with a Sunday league side.....hoping based on this we will get a second team in Div 4 next season for Saturday football ⚽️?
  8. Hopefully get it played next weekend 28th. When will this be confirmed? bloody weather!!!
  9. i went to edit the post and it deleted in error.....no secret society ? My main point was what were people's thoughts on how sin bin rule is going? Consistency in games? Consistency of different referees? Problems? Positives? Referees view points?
  10. No worries Graham, it was a tad wet!! i thought we played the best first half and missed a couple of good chances, second half you came more into the game and our keeper made a good block to keep it at 1-1......but the BIG decision of day, (well not really as every player on the pitch and every supporter and management of both sides knew) 2 minutes to go, our winger drove into box, full back up ended him, (we all started to celebrate, you all had head in hands) but for some reason, only he will know, referee said play on!!!! Maybe he didn't want to make a big decision near end of game? game was played in good spirits on and off the pitch. good luck for rest of season mate. ?
  11. Agree with Patch......but maybe start with places with NO showers....should they be allowed in the league??
  12. Great performance today from the lads at TMS. With 4 regulars out today it shows our strength in depth. (6 x 16 year olds played today and were class) Dave Welfare 3, Jack skuse 2, Tom Fisher, Liam Patterson, Jamie Shaw to make it 8-0. good game but a bit feisty.....in Short, one of the Mabe players lost his head and threatened my assistant. The ref lost a bit of control at that stage, luckily everyone else played the game as it should be played. hopefully Mabe can stay strong and keep playing as too many clubs fold at the first sign of trouble...good luck for rest of season lads ?
  13. Tempo maybe our Sunday side will want a game? Call Matt Kemp manager of Sunday side TMS 07841 486892
  14. Yes Threemilestone are entering a Sunday side, (primarily the old 2nd team with a few of the first team substitutes for game time) ?
  15. Last minute cancellation now means we at TMS do not have a friendly for tomorrow evening. can anyone pull together a last minute friendly for us at your place??
  16. If at your place TMS can do 24th?
  17. That sounds good. What team is that and what pitch?? ?
  18. Hi all, TMS season does not start till 29th August, so keen to get one last evening friendly in the diary. Thanks Brian
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