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  1. Passionate game at Carharrack today. A big thank you to Redruth for a minutes silence before the game for Billy Chown who passed away last week. carharrack were asleep for first half and conceded 3 sloppy goals, (penalty after 2 minutes, one on one second and Cross that evaded our keeper due to sun). after a few choice words at half time the lads came out flying. Tom Fisher hit a 25 yard volley to get the comeback on. Jamie Tipton hit a 20 yard free kick into the top corner. Redruth had a player sent off In the last 15 minutes and Carharrack threw everything at them with Redruth keeper making a great save from Dan Head to take the points.
  2. Fish

    Billy Chown RIP

    And then back to Carharrack Social club after.
  3. Minute silence next Saturday at home to Redruth ?
  4. Fish

    Billy Chown RIP

    A sad time at Carharrack, which puts the football matters and position in the league into perspective. Billy gave me great support and encouragement when I took over here. A lovely man and lovely family. ⚽️ RIP Billy.
  5. No one likes a play actor....hate people rolling around as if been shot.....in our day older we never let people know we were hurt....just waited and got our own back later. but if.....and it is only an if....the keeper then spat at a player, it is absolutely disgusting and should be a huge ban and fine, as one of the most base level things that can be done on a football pitch!!
  6. Until people know the facts we should not judge. If anyone in the game spits at an opponent he should be banned for a considerable time....and I would like to think the club would come down hard on them as well. if any of my players did that, no matter if we are short of players, I would ban them for a long time and ask them to publish an apology to the player and club involved. on a football note, Tom Trust, yes we are getting there slowly at Carharrack, lost 3-0 but a much better performance and with me and Mark Glanville both having to play (91 years of age between us and aching today) and 2 new lads from lower Trelawny league, made it a good performance even though another loss......but Team spirit is excellent now. Pendeen were a great team and lovely lads (except their number 9)....but NO food after game ?? senior cup next weekend.....:OUCH!!!