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  1. Potential light at end of tunnel.... Speaking to a Director of a Chinese company today about sport, he said that from the first few deaths in China to things getting back to normal again was 7 weeks....so hopefully with a lockdown now, we might be up and running again before end of May. Playing Saturday and Tuesdays and an extension of season till end of June/July (extend insurance period) the season can be finished. If start 20/21 season in September and everything back to normal (hopefully not the rain though)
  2. I understand all the above concerns...but are you all going to work? Sitting close to people? I was in a restaurant in Bath last night with about 50 people, how many people will not play football but still go to the pub etc. It is a concern and people will say football is an added extra risk factor, but if you do stop it now....you wont start again till next season due to the virus projected to hit peak in June and you certainly will not be allowed to play football then. Therefore the next topic of debate is....what happens to this season? Void it as some of the teams have not played some of the lower positioned teams so unfair it set league position as is....or maybe finish the league via FIFA20 so no contact with real people 🤔
  3. The government and specialist health advisors have stated they think the peak of this will be June time, so if football stops today then you have no where to go when the virus gets worse except to cancel football this season and start again August 2020. You have less chance catching this being outside in a field, than you are in a restaurant, pub, bus or at work where the AC is circulating germs. All the people on here saying we should stop football....I hope you are not going to work with other people, going shopping with other people and then visiting your elderly relatives?? 🙄 This is a serious virus but you wont stop the spread by stopping 30 people in the fresh air unless you stop all human contact until it goes away....problem with that is the economy will crash before that happens...so carry on all outdoor sports (sub 100 people) or everyone stay indoors and never meet anyway till August.
  4. This is a serious situation...BUT....does anyone really think stopping 22 players and 10 supporters at a local field will make any difference? If you stop that amount of people coming together are we going to stop the park & ride bus, close all restaurants and pubs....I understand large public gatherings but locally??
  5. All games with over 500 spectators should be cancelled immediately 🤔🙄😂
  6. I watched the game yesterday and it was a fairly even game with Hayle wasting a few chances first half, but Perranwell could have scored a couple more second half. A good evenly contested game. Having watched Perranwell in their last 4 or 5 games they have been very unlucky, losing 1-0 to a deflected goal at Perranporth, losing 4-3 to Falmouth Town when they led 3-2 with ten minutes to go and yesterday winning 2-1 (goals by Will Snape and Tom Fisher). Maybe with players being more available The Well might make a good fist of the back end of the season? 👍⚽️🙏
  7. Hope to see lots of new players on Monday ⚽️⚽️⚽️
  8. Surely 2 relegated from East St.Piran and 2 from West St.Piran....not 4 from one league 😏
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