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  1. Good game today and much better performance from us after the disastrous midweek fixture despite todays result. I don't think anyone could have complained if we had gone in at half time slightly ahead, but some solid defending, the woodwork, and our apparent attempts at conversions stopped that. A poor first 10 in each half was our main downfall today. No grumbles here over the result though and the game was played in the right spirit, thanks go out to Franco Lovelock who came in and reffed the game really well. Thanks also to the Stithians lads for coming back to the pub, good luck for the season and we look forward to the reverse fixture.
  2. We're Storm FC, and whilst last season was rubbish in terms of results we have kept the squad for this year and added a few, the FB campaign at the start of last season was the instigator for all of it really.
  3. we're proof of that from last season dave. just needed that helping hand to introduce the club to more people that was all, now we have a solid squad and looking forward to the new season.
  4. They were watching us by half 1 too........
  5. We must be doing something right at storm as not 1 player has left us for them, despite constant attempts all last season in the build up to this one, perhaps reputations do make a difference after all 👍
  6. given a few of them were watching our friendly today, including the manager i doubt the location is the issue
  7. Hope someone actually passes this onto cormac then
  8. Our opponent has just pulled out, so we are looking for a team to play, home (Tuckingmill) or away this weekend. Let me know if you are free and fancy it. Cheers Tony
  9. Our opponent has just pulled out, we (Storm) could play you?
  10. I'll be surprised if cormac will let us use them due to insurances/liability and the fact they have been previously used with now banned chemicals..... Worth an ask though
  11. I think a squad of 20/21 committed players is plenty this year 😁😁
  12. We can't put a team into flexi and risk injuries, playing a Saturday and then a Monday just won't work.
  13. no i'm Tony, Storm Manager up the road in Tuckingmill and yet there's no reduction in the cost to hire.......................
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