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  1. Marjons were absolutely hopeless, an embarrassment to this level of football. Would struggle in the P and D league. I've not seen a great amount of matches this season but the ones I have to be honest have not been great. There are a lot of players pocketing whatever amount of money who even 15 years ago would never have played at this level of football.
  2. They have turned no corner Bodmin were bang average and Porthleven were embarrassing
  3. A rare Bodmin win and he's back. Porthleven must have been utterly useless if your shower of put 8 past them
  4. If you think to much money is being thrown around in local leagues then watching some of those players on view for England earning 100k plus would drive you around the bend. They were useless, embarrassingly bad
  5. Only poor old Leeds, and he always disappears after a Bodmin loss
  6. Any sign of our friend Leeds 🤫🤔😛. Bodmin are a total shambles a massive budget and not a single really good player to show for it.
  7. I notice Leeds has disappeared again up his own backside. He has had an awful weekend Bodmin losing again and the 2 teams he seems to hate St Blazey and Newquay both getting great victories. Never mind Leeds I am sure Bodmin will win a game soon 😉
  8. Looks who's talking Gilbert will sign any old at the moment
  9. Quite happy to meet you at the Bodmin game next week, all on me obviously
  10. Carter never looks interested, but he is a top player, no doubting that
  11. 91st minute Helston lead for the 1st time Tucker with the goal Maybe not. Not sure how they pulled it off but they did.
  12. You don't need any money, your excuses are pathetic. Its time time to show up or shut up
  13. I dont doubt they have them but does anybody have one 🤔 😀
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