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  1. Hopefully u r joking, if u aren't u r a clown
  2. Because its against the Covid rules,surely you can understand that its not rocket science What a load of tripe
  3. I was there thats the only proof I have sorry
  4. The St Blazey Boys obviously not learnt their lesson, there was a big punch up down the Windmill pub in Leigham tonight and they were heavily involved. Never seen anything like it absolute chaos
  5. Very ironic that the clown who ran on to the pitch at Liskeard last season attempting to attack a player from the opossing team is all over Facebook trying to play down what happened, not sure if his son was involved or not
  6. St Blazey on the news tonight after players meet up for a private party in a flat on Saturday. Seems to be a fair bit of controversy around the club at present
  7. I think that might be wrong, but as said not 100 per cent sure
  8. There we go two answers two different opinions, I think it just about sums it up really as to about unsure we all are
  9. Does anyone really understand the new covid rules, for instance if I travel over from Plymouth to watch a game in Cornwall am I allowed to go for a drink afterwards. The same applies for the players. My neighbour who plays golf at China Fleet has been told as he lives in Devon he will not be allowed in for a drink after he has played, seems strange to me and I wander is it even manageable
  10. As far as I can see all he is doing is offering exactly that, his opinion. Possibly you r the 1 talking rubbish 🗑
  11. Leeds you r a plank. When Bodmin lose which is quite regularly you disappear of the website for about a week. Grow up, you really r an annoying Individual to say the least
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