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  1. Scheduling such a long trip on a Bank Holiday weekend may not have helped either.
  2. What will happen now re points etc for this game?
  3. Magpie291

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    If drawn at home in the League Cup, I gather that this fixture could be reversed. If so, their opponent would have to be compensated.
  4. Good start to the season.
  5. No, because I don't live in Cornwall at present. What was he on about this time?
  6. Magpie291

    Trelawny League - Tuesday Aug 14th 2018

    Am I right in thinking he (Steadman) has played for St Just for many seasons. If so, its kind of refreshing in that he's still keen to be a winner on the pitch after such a good local career.
  7. I know this is going back many years to the old SWL days. A player at Penzance who springs to mind is Andrew Mead.
  8. Magpie291

    Transfer Deadline News

    Who knows, but good luck to Steve. Would be a shame if another club had to drop out. The Peninsula West is low on numbers as it is.
  9. Magpie291

    Truro City FC

    Think I've read somewhere else on the forum that January 2020 is a predicted completion date for S4C?
  10. Magpie291

    Trelawney prem title contenders!!

    Same could be said of Mousehole depending on how many local players they use.