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  1. Danielburt8

    Strikers needed asap

    This is no offence to any of the reserves because I’m sure they have great potential but are the firsts struggling like that?
  2. Danielburt8

    Trelawny & Cups - Saturday 6 October 2018

    Stronger than ever Beale. Nice to see your still thinking of us ❤️
  3. Danielburt8

    Trelawny & Cups - Saturday 6 October 2018

    We had this problem at Penwith exiles when we started in the lower divisions. You will have the conversation a few more times in the coming years if you all stick together ?
  4. I told Justin you had more of a role at exiles than just filling in on the wing ❤️
  5. Penwith Exiles 5-0 St Agnes
  6. Take a wild guess ??
  7. Yeah when I said signed maybe I was abit to keen lol. But yeah decided against using any senior players got to where we have without any so might as well carry on
  8. Mawnan 3-6 Penwith Exiles took and early lead through a great counter attack goal then had a man sent off about 10 minutes in for swearing. Playing away to mawnan is hard enough without having a man missing but our counter attacks seem to be to much for the back line of mawnan. Our keeper scored from his own half and a well worked goal which James squires finished Sent us into halftime at 3-1 and fairly comfortable. We conceded a soft goal about 60 minutes on with a spill from the keeper which let mawnan back in but as they pushed for an equaliser we managed to score 3 more on the counter through myself Nathan Burt and James squires for his second. Great result playing away to mawnan and the run continues for exiles!. Scorers Nathan Burt 2x Daniel Burt 1x Mikey Flores 1x James Squires 2x
  9. Decided we don’t need them anymore pal ??
  10. Mawnan 3-6 Penwith Exiles
  11. Penwith Exiles 8-2 stithians fairly straight forward match for us today. Starting to get back to our best with some of our goals being great team goals. Two lads going forward for stithians gave our defence some problems at times and can see them boys getting a few goals this year. Back to top of the premier division for us with the points chalked up sorry to dissapoint the people who thought it was the start of the downfall after our first game of the season ?. Also two high profile senior players dual signed for Penwith Exiles last night be sure to keep an eye out ?