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  1. Sorry CTB. I was wrongly informed. However, a stalwart club all the same if hope you agree. 🙂
  2. I can’t comment on last season. I certainly don’t want to be going back and forth with messages on here. I just wanted to defend the first comment as I know the facts as to why the boys want to move clubs and why they’ve chosen to go to Ludgvan. They are top lads that just want to play football. No one from the committee ‘recruited’ them nor the manager. Let’s just wait and see what happens.
  3. This isn’t a team or players that have gone from club to club. They were at the same club (majority of players) for 6 years. The ex-club want to go in a different direction and the manager has left. The players and the club (Ludgvan) both want the same things. A stable team that performs to the best of their ability each week and turns up. If you knew more about the situation maybe your comments would be different. But I understand that’s hard to know unless you know the whole situation. The point is in response the comment about fulfilling fixtures- that was an assurance that won’t be a problem. Why would a club put themselves through all the hard work for nothing? The new manager hasn’t taken a whole squad from just one club with him. There are players from Ludgvan that were there before and players from his contacts. Ludgvan were also St Piran’s last year and the season was null and voided so there’s an argument there. I’m personally hoping no more clubs fold due to Covid-19. I’m sure everyone would benefit from more positivity towards local football.
  4. Ludgvan have a new manager and a whole squad going over with him. Of which, the majority have played together for the past six years, so fulfilling fixtures will be no issue with them. It will nice to have such a hard working dedicated committee who work so hard behind the scenes off the pitch have their commitment mirrored on it. It will also be nice to see one of the founder members back in the league. Not a bad away day either, nice pitch and bar.
  5. Any news on when the AGMs are going to take place for these leagues so we will know who will be in them next season? Cheers
  6. It’s done online Dave via email. Thanks Steve.
  7. With this season’s league being a new league and it being null and voided; does that mean players are all free agents?
  8. Finished the third and final episode today. Obviously everyone is in the same boat with the season being null and void, but I really hope Parkway go on to secure promotion to the Southern League. A club that is run properly and going up the leagues using and developing local talent. Fair play and good luck to them.
  9. The Plymouth Parkway documentary on YouTube is a great watch! Very professionally done. Watched 2 out of 3 episodes so far. Some cracking goals -both individually and team. Some great interviews with some brilliant characters. Thoroughly recommend.
  10. I agree it would be good for all leagues to know. The St Piran’s League, Combo and Trelawny clubs would also benefit from knowing this. Is there anything planned in terms of league AGMs?
  11. Hayle 2 Mousehole Reserves 2 An entertaining game for the neutral. A draw was probably a fair result. Hayle’s pitch was in great condition considering the adverse weather. Credit to their ground staff. With the 4g surface and clubhouse the club is really looking the part. Hopefully the Seagulls can build on this mini run into next week away to Mullion. George Patterson in the middle brilliant as per usual.
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