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  1. Hi Steve, Any news on when we will find out which teams will make up the St Piran’s league for 2021-22? Thanks
  2. The two clubs have already been named by others on this thread are the two I have heard about which is a shame as it will make the combo weaker overall, especially with other clubs getting promoted up to the St Piran’s league. It sounds like Marazion’s situation may be out of their hands, as for Ruan, IF it is down to financial reasons that is sad but has become far too normal. They have achieved a lot in recent seasons and would surely want to prove themselves in the St Piran’s league, however money (a lot of the time) talks. Time will tell I suppose. It would be great to hear that they take the promotion as everyone planned and expected at the start of the 2020-21 season. But with no team it would be understandable why they wouldn’t- obviously! To achieve it and not go up and move elsewhere is harsh on the club and all those working behind the scenes.
  3. Lots of rumours of combo clubs folding recently. Can anyone shine any light on these ‘rumours’ ?
  4. Gutted if that’s the case. That positive news about the extension of the league was a light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully there is some sort of competitive football. 🤞
  5. When are we expected to find out what’s happening with the St Piran league and the combo?
  6. A bit of positivity ... All of our lads are buzzing about the idea of playing again this season. I asked them individually and reminded them that there was no pressure at all to do so. It has been deemed safe enough to do so by scientists and government officials, and yet again there will be guidelines to ensure the correct protocols are in place. The players were happy to play when it was deemed safe enough to do so before and I’m sure they will continue to keep playing whenever possible in future (hopefully there are no more lockdowns!). It gives them something to look forward to and also gives people in their local community something to do and look forward to as well. Some of these supporters love the game just as much as those who are playing, some even more so, I’m sure! It is done outside and you can easily social distance! I’m sure there are more clubs that feel the same positivity about the amateur game potentially being back. If it means playing two or three games a week for a few weeks then so be it - it has been done before. A few seasons ago I can remember playing an away match on the Friday evening then playing the same team home the following day. With steps 3-6 having their seasons curtailed, it shouldn’t mean we will be short on match officials. Like anything, if there are some people that don’t want to return (or can’t due to medical reasons) to play, watch, volunteer or officiate then that shouldn’t stop the majority (if that’s the case) enjoying the game again. However, if it proves the majority don’t want to play then that’s fair enough. I think most of these lads, officials and supporters will love nothing more than to have some football to look forward to (done in the right way). This positive news is massive for the players, officials and spectators’ mental health. There is no guarantee that another mutation won’t hit us next winter so let’s play football whenever we can!
  7. Just listened to the Rappo and Deacs podcast and the interview with Phil. The challenging logistics makes sense now. Let’s just hope we can get back soon to give the leagues a chance. Maybe the likes of some of the Trelawney and Duchy leagues stand a chance being smaller leagues. Fingers crossed we can get football back soon in a safe environment.
  8. I 100% agree that suspending the leagues at this moment in time is the correct thing to do; saving lives and protecting the NHS is paramount. I’ve read on a number of threads about cancelling the season. No one wants to see that and if we can avoid that we should do at all costs in my opinion. Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere on other threads that I may have missed, but surely it would make sense, if at all possible, to extend this season to the end of June, even July if needed to ensure another season isn’t ruined, then start next season later again. E.g. if we can get all games played by the end of June, can we start the season in September again? If it’s July, start in October? Gradually year on year build back to the normal schedule. This year should be different with the promise of a vaccine so we’d hope not to have anymore lockdowns/tier 3/4 situations once the worst of this passes hopefully in a month or two. If anyone can shed any light on whether the leagues can be extended or what would need to be done to do so would be much appreciated. Stay safe in the meantime.
  9. Ludgvan FC are still looking for a referee for this Saturday 5th September. 2:30pm K.O at Fairfield. Please message me on here if you are available. Many thanks.
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