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  1. Nice of you to add you weren't at the game. Noting that your Father In Law was "stood right in front of the foul" he must surely be the oldest Blazey player in history. Don't tell me he was hanging around on the touchline like the rest of us? Bit concerning a couple of posts are hinting there was justification for the disgraceful pitch attack. With the greatest of respect rather than summon up justifiable reasons why the pitch intruder may have initiated his attack has anyone taken a moment to consider how the Liskeard player is dealing with this event? There is no decisive evidence the player did anything other than try to win the ball..... unless you have a Father In Law who knows different.
  2. Is there a single subject left on this forum that doesn't result in somebody making publicity related reference to 'F Troop'? For goodness sake give it a break.
  3. For the sake of clarity & incident responsibility it is extremely far fetched to place any kind of blame towards the Referee for this shameful event. The player suffered no apparent injury to my knowledge and the official saw fit to administer a yellow card, possibly under the heading of reckless challenge. Many in the ground thought it was a 50/50 tackle. Without the knowledge of slow motion replay we'll never know. Needless to say it is completely out of order for anyone to enter the pitch and attack someone. It was a scrappy niggly game but not what I'd label dirty. Perhaps the only blatant black mark was when St Blazey had a player sent off late first half for an atrocious clinically timed hack-down. This was even admitted by Blazey Management in open ear shot of their bench, they couldn't understand why their player had been so irrational. Yes, spectators were annoyed at the challenge but nobody ran on the field itching to hit somebody. I fear local football is facing a serious threat of disruption if the seeds of anarchic behaviour are not stamped out. It shall be interesting to witness what corrective action is applied for this extremely damaging occurrence? Goodness knows what negative feedback football would have received if this had occurred at a more prominent level? The fact it happened at little Liskeard doesn't make it any more palatable. Let's hope appropriate action prevents anyone doing this in the future.
  4. Extremely disturbing situation at Liskeard v St Blazey this afternoon when a gentleman supporting Blazey ran on the pitch attempting to attack a Liskeard player. Fortunately the extremely angry gentleman was restrained just before he got to the player. The game was held up for quite a while as players, staff and officials attempted to get him off the pitch. The gentleman was eventually seen leaving the ground and watching the match through the fence at the main road side of the ground. A number of supporters seemed visibly shocked at the intensity of the attempted attack which took some time to bring under control. Fortunately the player chosen for the attack received no injury due to the prompt actions of those around him. Not what players and genuine supporters expect to see at a football match irrespective of what level is being played. Can only wonder what the general reaction would be if this had been a televised high profile game. No reaction from either the Liskeard or St Blazey clubs yet but the SWPL are aware of the incident, apparently one of their senior officials was present at the game.
  5. The tinkering, fads and fashion of modern football continually eat away at the game we once held dear. Even the humble perimeter of the SWPL has seen evidence of the disease. This isn't about players in silver boots or certain individuals habitually flopping on the floor like they've been shot, it's about a ridiculous imbalance in the league and the emergence of significant hammerings. Initially we went along with odd ball early season heavy defeats and beatings, the shallow theory being that new clubs needed time to adjust from their usual level of football. Hierarchy reasoning in local media explained the odd 8 nil annihilation was a price well worth paying for generic lower league restructuring? Here we are well into the season and Newquay have just thumped St Dennis 9-1. Few of us bat an eyelid anymore because it's simply become what's expected. A once proud league providing vibrant inter county fixtures between Cornwall and Devon, which generally ensured a reasonably level playing field, now finds itself segregated and leaking reputation. The New Age FA Designed South West Peninsula League West (and East) has become split between hardship-imposed bargain bin sides who struggle to honour midweek away games and half a dozen externally bank rolled clubs who can't wait to ship out to the Western League (with the exception of Bodmin Town of course). Yes the modern football philosophy currently spewing into our non league tributaries has certainly had an effect. Sadly the impact is witnessing not just normal spectators getting disillusioned, the farce is also demotivating a growing numbers of players and officials. Welcome to the eccentric world of playground dinner time score lines. All for the good of the game.
  6. Up at Lantoom Park for some welcome relief from the rain to see Dobwalls defeat Wendron 4-0. My head count bagged 32 of us. The home side deserved the win but the 4 goal scoreline was a little unfair to a competitive Wendron outfit. Nice to see the ground open for business again with everything looking nice and tidy. Chose a grass roots ordinary SWPL West clash today to be rid of all the inflated hype certain clubs are pumping out at the moment. You'd think the Cornwall bubble was in competition with the Champions League to witness some of the stuff being circulated. Leave the "We're bigger than you" bragging to corporate modern football clones, lets just enjoy some honest non league football. Think there were more Ultra's in the Trago Mills DIY Section than behind the nets at Dobwalls today.
  7. F Troop as witnessed earlier this season at St Dennis
  8. No it wasn't! It was taken first half. It's my camera and it remained in the boot of the car for the whole second half. As for F Troopers massed elsewhere I certainly didn't see them. Or perhaps they were undercover as the 3 blokes in flat caps with the thermos flasks. There was no hidden agenda with my original post and photograph, I applaud the tremendous support the F Troop bring to non league in Cornwall. I just get a little puzzled sometimes when the propaganda attempts to over inflate the numbers and percentage of that support. I'd hate to think supporters were getting a little carried away with their own publicity? I was trying to give the F Troop respect for turning out on a miserable afternoon in a rural location, didn't expect a blunt response that the snap was inaccurate with negative double meaning? My apology if my original post/photo upset people.
  9. Comfortable win for Falmouth over at Sticker. Lovely nice kept ground but the home side are in need of half a dozen SWPL standard footballers . Wish them well but I reckon the winter may be difficult to say the least. Falmouth appear to have cleared up the gearbox issues which caused the early season stutters. Clearly the far better side today with some sublime stuff going forwards. The latest F Troop trick is playing recorded crowd favourites back through a loud hailer, nice touch but the novelty doesn't last long. Falmouth have still got a strong away following for the SWPL, at least 14 members of the Falmouth Crew were in the away end today. An intriguing period is upon us, Falmouth are looking better, Helston grow stronger, Saltash got beat for a change, Mousehole look formidable and Bodmin keep grinding out the results, let's not forget St Austell either, a dangerous side on their day who continue to lurk in the background, all good stuff for the neutral, lets hope the pot keeps bubbling. As the F Troop appear so popular on here I've tried to attach a quick snap of their admirable contingent on the Sticker North Bank this afternoon: :
  10. Bearing in mind the late decision to pull out of the game it's a little strange that Liskeard haven't announced anything to notify their supporters? It's now mid afternoon and there is no mention of the game being off on their Twitter page (they don't appear to have a website or any other first team up to date social media outlet). I do hope none of their fan base make the trip to Falmouth for nothing.
  11. Liskeard have pulled out of tonights Cornwall Cup Tie at Falmouth as they cannot raise a side. Falmouth have been awarded a walk over to the next round. Puts a bit of a spoiler on the occasion when these circumstances arise. Apparently there have been a couple of similar pull-outs in the Devon competition as well. Not good for the reputation and credibility of local cup tournaments, especially as some sides have been excluded from entering in the first place. Unsure if there'll be a reaction from the Cornwall FA? Heard from an unofficial source a 50 quid fine may be forthcoming? Not verified yet.
  12. Guilty as charged Sir. Pray allow me to offer two points of mitigation: 1. I stopped being a modern man when we blew the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. 2. She stressed there'd be no homemade Cottage Pie unless I picked her up on time? I promise I won't do it again.
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