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  1. I've not seen enough of both leagues to make sensible top and bottom 3 predictions, however from the clubs I have watched I reckon Liskeard Athletic will be in with a shout for the West Division title. They always try to play entertaining football and appear to have some good young players on the books. Just hope we have a more reasonable winter and all our clubs get to play on a more regular basis. Last season ended up a bit of a mess with all the postponed fixture congestion. The SWPL (Phil especially) did well to re-arrange such a significant amount of games and ultimately comply with the FA season-completion restrictions. Good luck to everyone, clubs, officials and supporters. Enjoy the season ahead.
  2. Nice little attendance through the gate for this pre season loosener, 464 punters can't be bad. Hopefully Cardiff did Liskeard a deal on associated costs seeing they trained down at Lux Park all week. Ok, eleven nil, it looks a wupping of a scoreline but this developing Liskeard side showed plenty of promise and played some really decent football. Fact is these Cardiff youngsters were clinical and determined, anything wayward and they were on it in a flash, some very promising prospects for Mr Warnock and his coaches. He'll like that indeed. In one sense I feel 0-11 was harsh on Liskeard but if it wasn't for the superb performance from the home keeper (think it was Josh Gilbert) it could have been far worse. The lad was simply superb in his efforts to keep the ball out the net and thoroughly deserved the biggest round of applause of the whole game when he came off near the end. Excellent stuff. I reckon this Liskeard side will learn from the intensity and uncut relentless pressure of this game and it will certainly inspire them to getting to grips with the key objectives for a successful season ahead. They play entertaining football. The lure of the Premier League trappings witnessed quite a few Welsh voices in the crowd and I am sure they were impressed with the professional way Liskeard staged the event from start to finish. You could sense the pride of the club as they provided a first class pitch, a nice little microphone introduction just before the start and (of course) that really wonderful Tea Hut. The whole ground looked a treat. It certainly beat compulsory labour in the garden or the dreaded Morrisons run.