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  1. Millbrook 2 Liskeard Athletic 0 Head count: 38 (including a few behind the wire fence who wouldn't pay in). A truly atrocious match on an appalling uneven pitch ( bobble factor 10/10). Oh how I wish I'd gone somewhere else. The accumulated stench of local rubbish fires was a fitting accompaniment to this pitiful cup tie. Passing was almost impossible on the awfully uneven surface which severely affected Liskeard getting into the game. They valiantly attempted to play out from the back and knock the ball about but just minutes into the proceedings it became obvious such footballing objectives were practically unachievable. Millbrook adopted a scramble, hoof and chase approach which seemed to fit the environment far more beneficially. Their fitting approach was laced with some rather dramatic play acting with a couple of their younger players spending much of the afternoon chucking themselves on the floor (probable victims of watching too many new-age footballers on Sky Sports Super Sunday). The referee did his best to apply a degree of control but inevitably Liskeard fell into the trap and a wave of dubious yellow cards, sin binning and a sending off followed. It was quite ironic that the chap who just about squeezed home Millbrooks second half penalty would have been a worthy entry at the recent BAFTA awards, an enthralling afternoon performance of non league 'falling over'. Don't think I'll be tempted back to the Millbrook experience anytime soon. After telling it like it is they probably wouldn't welcome me anyway. Genuinely thankful to get back in the Match Shed and trundle back home. Terrible game to choose. Especially on Quarter Finals day.
  2. Absolutely cracking attendance at Bickland Jeff. I can appreciate you and your colleagues have put a lot of time and effort into rekindling enthusiasm in the town but it certainly appears to be paying off. You've caught the punters imagination and they've come back to local football. If only the template could be copied at other SWPL clubs. I witnessed a very good game between Camelford & Liskeard this weekend but my head count only got up to 56? Lovely setting too. Saying that I'm sure Blazey will bring some colour to your away end next week. Keep the faith. Excellent stuff.
  3. Such a welcome change to enjoy a refreshing sunny winters day at the Football. Camelfords Trefrew Park did it proud:
  4. Thank you for your comments Bob. Likewise it would've been nice to say hello. To be honest I'm a bit cautious these days about going up to somebody and saying "Hello are you Bald Brian off the Footballers In Wigs Site" only to be chased back to the car park. I'm pretty much pants when it comes to putting possible names to faces. My apology. Yes there were plenty of cards early doors from the referee, perhaps it may have been a justifiable attempt to establish a code of conduct due to the high intensity of the opening stages of the contest. Whilst it was an entertaining game it couldn't have been easy to referee. As for dug out shouting, yes Liskeard probably did it as well but the only bloke audible in every part of the ground was the chap in the home hut. This extended to getting in the lady referees ear during the way back to the half time changing rooms. I got the impression the accompanying linesman thought it was out of order even in the harsh reality of non league. I still feel the referee did a reasonably good job out there. Hopefully we may (somehow) bump into each other at a local game soon. Although we seem to differ on a couple of things I respect your views. All the best.
  5. Camelford 0 Liskeard Athletic 2 When you get two sides who try to play the game the right way you know you can't go wrong. This was an extremely competitive decent game of football that was well worth the admission fee. Trefrew Park looked a picture in the sunshine. The pitch looked superb considering all the downpours we've had this month. It stood up really well to the task throughout the game. Credit to the ground staff. Camelford probably started favourites but Liskeard were extremely unlucky not to win at Bodmin last week, an intriguing contest lay ahead for us. What we got was a really good game, both sides dominated at ever changing periods of the 90 minutes. The lady referee did her best to keep a lid on things as both clubs did their utmost to take command. A task not helped by a certain person in the home dug-out continually giving her grief throughout the entire game. Even the linesman was diplomatically showing his dismay at the rather selfish tirade echoing around the ground. I thought she did a rather good job considering the pace of the game ( a few incidents apart). When will people realise how difficult a referees job actually is? Liskeard gradually emerged worthy winners with a sterling all round performance. Special mentions go out to all action James Lorenz (who worryingly had to be helped off the pitch with a nasty looking injury midway through the second half), a live wire Ben Collins and midfield maestro Jarrod Woods. Liskeard truly put a shift in. The visitors increased their 0-1 half time lead with a second half penalty. The Camelford keeper was lucky not to get a straight red, he even ended up avoiding a booking (which was a bit of a strange one considering the attacker was clear through on goal). With niggles, genuine injuries and bookings stacking up it was 5pm before the game ended. You could see what this league victory meant to the Liskeard lads, especially after the run of bad luck they've had recently. An enjoyable match for sure.
  6. Bodmin Town 3 Liskeard Athletic 2 A strangely compelling encounter which had gung ho attacking, the fluffing of absolute sitters, passages of true quality and frustrating periods of dross. We also witnessed a welcome return for seriously injured (and presumed retired) Jack Podmore as the driving force in the Liskeard midfield and an entertaining lengthy run out for Bodmin Manager Darren Gilbert. This hard fought tussle was a 3 part drama. First half hour Liskeard were all over Bodmin like a rash. 2-0 up after 10 minutes they certainly should have capitalized on their superiority. The visitors missed numerous chances in this period which dramatically came back to haunt them. Second part of the drama already had Lance Bailey off injured and Mr Gilbert on. Fair to say it took Darren a short while to find his touch but the influence on the pitch was plain to see. A clueless Bodmin gradually got some confidence and method back, they even sneaked a goal back just before the break. Their momentum increased following a few harsh truths in the dressing room team talk. Liskeard looked nervous and worryingly shaky at the newly formed spirit exerted by their hosts. The concluding section of the drama witnessed Bodmin back in it big time, it was 2-2 and they were pushing hard for victory. Liskeard, driven forward by Captain Podmores never say die attitude faced up for the final battle. Both sides went at it full-on for maximum points. Big chances came and went both ends of the pitch before Bodmin forced a controversial scrambled winner at the death. Out came the handbags. Never a pretty match but certainly a compelling tale of mixed fortunes and spirited comebacks. Liskeard will definitely rue their finishing after this missed opportunity. Head Count Attendance: 76
  7. Dobwalls 0 Falmouth Town 3 You've gotta put your chances away against renowned Cup Battlers, sadly little Dobwalls didn't create many and those they did narrowly missed the target. Falmouth ran out deserved victors in this gritty (or should I say soggy) encounter up the top field. They had a tad more composure and cohesion amidst the chill breeze and icy showers. On a rice pudding surface they still managed to execute a game plan and looked the more dangerous overall. My dodgy 112 headcount resembled a 75% increase from the last time I visited Lantoom Park. You can guess why? Whatever your opinion nobody can ignore the significant impact the F Troop have had on the Falmouth club, particularly this season. Despite the FBB Boot Boy regalia on show this appears to be a genuine movement of decent normal people who've been addictively propelled to passionately support their football club. From the noisy flag waving march to the gate, the pop song back beat to their jovial singing and the busy trade at the ale & grub counters, the F Troop bring a vibrant unique presence that appears to be sadly lacking in modern non league, especially in the South West. Some people at games keep well away from the theatrics but every time I've bumped into them they've always been friendly and in no way aggressive. When you listen in on their comments surrounding what's happening on the pitch they're so enthusiastic and supportive of their players you get to realise that the cheesy headline about them being the 12th man actually makes sense. Anyway enough waffle, I just wanted to note that in a game like today a big name side like Falmouth could have genuinely struggled at a ground like this, miles from home, cold breezy setting, wet heavy surface and a capable Dobwalls squad just itching for a scalp. I reckon the FBB descendants might just have pinched man of the match again?
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