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  1. Would you say with more rain due that the pitch is unplayable then?
  2. Wendron for the carharrack lads? I heard perranporth, which would make sense to why Ed Wilton has been playing for there reserve side when they don't have a game... ?
  3. Think we are all still hungover. Cracking night had by the whole team and some supporters back in st.ives, a cracking game of football by both teams that wanted it badly against each other, still abit surreal to be honest, the manner that we won it but overall I think just deserved it, and I mean just. Very equal game. We always knew it would be with last weeks 0-0 in the league. Tough game tomorrow now at helston and a game on Saturday, 3 games in 6 days when you don't have a reserve team is hard.
  4. Redruth linesman outstanding today, gave a goal that got cleared off the line which the ref wouldn't have been able to give but he was honest and gave it. Told the ref a foul was committed by his own player which led to a yellow card ( ref had given a goal kick) not many linesmen would be as honest as Redruths today, so bravo and well done.
  5. Just asking the question. Not pointing the finger at st.agnes or even saying theyve done that, but when someone quotes him scoring and he shouldn't be playing, then it needs answering really doesn't it...
  6. Doesn't mean it's correct or incorrect though does it.... until Redruth confirm really. Yes unless who ever mentioned it didn't know he was suspended and playing under a different name....
  7. Could someone from Redruth confirm Luke Wort didn't play... as if he did then you should feel aggrieved.
  8. Any combo teams still looking for a goalkeeper? Few years experience at combo level. Message me any details.
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