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  1. I didn't need 2 slow it down. Handball 100%.what do I know. Swings and roundabouts in all walks of life U have other pairs of official eyes 2 help refs. Sometimes refs don't take any notice of them. Or was it a club linesman like Bodmin today. He did a decent job
  2. No predictions but, 2 teams unable to raise a side!!??. Terrible
  3. Without knowing Ur real name therefore not knowing the incident Ur talking about. I don't condone such bad challenges by anyone. Sorry u suffered that break!. This tread has moved on from tavistock game 2 another go at Bodmin and their players, big or small. I'm not a Bodmin fan but let's move on. Hasn't there been over 4000 looks on this post. Expect we will have another go at said team and players after tomorrow game. That is of course St. Austell win
  4. These aren't the big news surely Leeds
  5. Needs somebody Monsoon
  6. Bodmin need some centre backed. Illegal approach Leeds, lol
  7. Why would there be any big signings 2 months into the season. Surely such players would have been available by first fixture. Perhaps Leeds should be called silly Billy
  8. If true, not surprising. Thought he well 2 even start the season at Bodmin. Pity thou. Best player by miles
  9. paul pearce

    Gazza in Plymouth

    Expensive I think
  10. Hobbs is a right winger now
  11. paul pearce

    Bodmin v Camelford

    I'm glad a current player has the balls 2 come on here and fight his corner. Know Danny O does his bit,. I admit I'm not impressed with you as most of last night's crowd weren't. Keep scoring the goals and shut us up
  12. Top guy!!??. This is where I hate 2 bring up the subject of money. Most managers could gather a side capable of winning that league. Times I saw him in Bodmin ranting and raving, the players just ignored him
  13. Not in the prediction league as I'm normally wrong but. Think camelford can win this
  14. Pay peanuts and you get monkeys lol. Apart from penalty scorer, no report I think anywhere of other scorers. Who were they Leeds
  15. Game time.? Some people thought he was a good come on player(sub) but not good enough for starting eleven