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  1. If these rumours are true, just goes to show money talks. £50, £100, £150 a game. Let them go and move on
  2. In the west Division only 5 in with a chance of winning the league if that's the composition. Just my opinion
  3. I'm sorry. In amongst all the written posts re next season I must have missed promotion was compulsory
  4. They will never go western league. What for a handful of supporters
  5. Awhile ago on here someone said Carey brings money with him. On last year's performances he'd get away with a £10 for the whole squad
  6. What you think Monsoon?. Been there b4 I believe but can't remember how he did.
  7. Why are most people so negative. Why would you have great pleasure from seeing a Cornish based team go down.
  8. Exmouth done better since he left. Didn't stick around with Gilby, don't know why. At the end of the day I wonder why anybody bothers.
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