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  1. Hobbs is a right winger now
  2. paul pearce

    Bodmin v Camelford

    I'm glad a current player has the balls 2 come on here and fight his corner. Know Danny O does his bit,. I admit I'm not impressed with you as most of last night's crowd weren't. Keep scoring the goals and shut us up
  3. Top guy!!??. This is where I hate 2 bring up the subject of money. Most managers could gather a side capable of winning that league. Times I saw him in Bodmin ranting and raving, the players just ignored him
  4. Not in the prediction league as I'm normally wrong but. Think camelford can win this
  5. Pay peanuts and you get monkeys lol. Apart from penalty scorer, no report I think anywhere of other scorers. Who were they Leeds
  6. Game time.? Some people thought he was a good come on player(sub) but not good enough for starting eleven
  7. Just thought I'd seen him in higher league football, or perhaps he's just got one of those faces lol
  8. Thanks. Name doesn't ring a bell but I've seen him around just can't remember where
  9. That number 5 looked very familiar, can't put a name to the face. Wether he was carrying a piano or not, he won most things in the air. And most of all, Morgan couldn't get the better of him. Regarding size, their goal keeper made some good saves and even Bodmin number 9 is now scoring goals. Both build like brick out houses
  10. For the time I was there watching, thought Morgan was a very greedy player.
  11. paul pearce

    Promotion Hopes? No chance.

    The topic title implied you didn't have a chance. Sorry for my misunderstanding
  12. paul pearce

    Promotion Hopes? No chance.

    How many games have you played so far? Given up already?
  13. paul pearce

    SWPL - Friday 31 August 2018

    Always a warm welcome in the tea but, perhaps you went in looking like thunder
  14. paul pearce

    Leeds United l?!

    SWL veteran thought Leeds was a player or coach. Coach driver more like
  15. Bad luck Saltash, look as if attendances no better for higher league clubs.