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  1. Spot on Hoppit - no one knows when football will start again - the later it is, say October, it would have been easy to complete the leagues then add on some internal competition for the clubs. So the season 20/21 would not exhist at all . you cannot start a new season in the autumn - Typical Fa, no idea, unable to think outside the box, didnt ask clubs only leagues, the main thing is lets get this all over, stay in and help all. Lots of wonderful people out there doing fabulous work.
  2. If they are included it was only Bradford, Wellington & Bridport with ground hops in Premier. - Bridport average over 100 anyway and Wellington have, so far, without the ground hops. But as you can see from your figures its about success that brings them in as well,
  3. If you look at the Tool Station Western league web site home page - scroll down and all the average attendances are given - for most of the premier those figures belie this Saturday's fixtures. I think its two over 200 and a further 8 over 100, so a bit of a blip this week.
  4. Could I just add to the list, that the 'Plymouth Parkway Supporters Club' player of the season was Rob Farkins.
  5. Thankyou Richard, could not remember their name (not near Swindon). With regard to the rest we will have to disagree - the FA have contravened all that was said by them at public meetings, by details circulated and past history of dealings with clubs.
  6. I have said all along since the first announcement of the revised pyramid system that it would soon run into disrepute, irrespective of whether or not to remain helps the club. They spoke at meetings that it would have mandatory promotion and relegation, clubs who refused promotion would be relegated. In fact a club Swindon way last season refused promotion and was relegated from step 5 to step 6, as it didn't want promotion to step 4. In the past clubs that have pulled out of step 4 have not been called voluntary relegated and the those at the bottom saved, they have been replaced by c
  7. Spot on Rob, because with a pyramid system that the FA are trying to run and even further develop, it should all be based on promotion and relegation. So the first thing that happens is those in relegation spots at the end of the season are demoted and those in promotion spots are promoted, whatever system of promotion that exists between various leagues. It might be two down two up, may be a three involved, but what ever it is that is what happens at the end of the season. If a club decides to seek permission to be relegated and moved from the league they are in for all sorts of reasons, that
  8. If you are suspended from football for on field offences playing in step 5,6,7 a player can play in step 4 and above. If you are suspended whilst playing in step 4 and above the player can play in step 5 and below. If you remember there was a bit of a 'who ha' when argyle took advantage of this and played a suspended player in the SWPL. But like it or not that is the rule - or as close as i am going to get. So if a suspended player is out, say for four matches, he can still maintain his fitness and help others.😂
  9. There were extra spaces created as a result of a restructuring of the Southern League, when a central division was formed, that was why.
  10. I think you will find WOTP that its only the top club that gets promoted, at this level its automatic, no choice . With the new FA system coming in 20/21 the automatic promotion goes down to step 6, maybe 7 not so sure about that one though.
  11. I think the only reply for you Teflon, is that you should know football is one of those sports where the unexpected happens, its part of the game that makes it exciting and impossible to forecast. Ask some other clubs who were expected to win at the weekend, against so called weaker opposition. Sheffield Utd, Leicester City, Westbury, Liverpool, Fulham plus many more up and down the country. Its football.
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