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  1. If Glyn returned, just imagine how much £££ Teflon would say he’s getting! I can see his post now: ”I’ve heard he’s on £500 a game, £500 a goal and if he scores more than 1.5 goals the Chairman will pay his mortgage” 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Teflon you’re such a whopper - honestly! Can you please answer some of my earlier Questions at some point? Was the meeting between Lee and Jordan just the three of you? Must have been for you to know what was said I guess. Baffling that so many Strikers have been told that they won’t be starting next season. That would be hard to take the week before their end of season presentation. Please don’t change - you’re too entertaining.
  3. Teflon has it on good authority that Tavi will still pay him to play for Taunton! That’s not even that daft compared to most things he says! 🤣
  4. Why are you asking me if the management get paid - you know it all don't you ? According to this thread alone - you know that: - Parkway are being paid 5 times more than other squads in the league (some teams don’t even pay). (Meaning most teams' budget is £600 per game) Big LOL - Jordan Bentley, Billy Palfrey, River Allen & Tyler Harvey has all been made lucrative offers from Plymouth Parkway in recent days. - Club have supposed to have made a name your price policy to Andrew Neal which he has declined to stay at Taunton. - 4 Players are on £250 plus so there is nearly a 1/3 gone already. (All very laughable statements) - Tiegan Rosenquest being a Tavistock boy is going back to Langsford Park and also heard Mike Smith is joining him. - Tavistock will reportedly have the 2nd biggest budget in the league. (LOL - really?) - Winning the league is the minimum requirement coming from the Bolitho hierarchy this season. (If that's the minimum, what more could they do?) -  Club have invested a lot of money into the team and weren’t happy to finish 2nd to team who pay out approximately £500 a game, the cup win did lighten the thoughts however. - Gates and Senior figures is where the money comes from. (I am interested in how many pass through the gate at home games and what the shortfall is for a league budget of £114,000 to be raised for your proposed £3k a game) (Oh and Parkway won the cup this year, so add some cup games into the mix to increase the budget) . Just in the league if 500 people actually paid £6 to get into the ground (they wouldn't) that arguably is enough to cover the home game budget. You're telling me "Senior Figures" then pay £57,000 in per year to cover players wages (league games only) then in addition pay for travel, ground maintenance, upgrading club house, and all the other stuff that goes with running a football club? All in all, you must be on the board at Parkway to know so much inside information. You know the budget, you know what players are being paid (if 4 are on £250 EACH), you know the disappointment and objectives for next season and are in the loop with the transfer targets and what they are being offered. You sir are a dreamer and to quote you one last time - maybe you are the one needing the "wake up call". Thanks for the entertainment though
  5. Teflon you’re an absolute Beaut 🤣🤣🤣 Talk me through Parkways “£3k per game” budget - I’d love to hear this. That’s approx £187.50 per player per game for a 16 man squad. Where is this money coming from ? Can’t wait for this....
  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 some of what is dreamed up and written on here is so laughable 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Disagree with that. Jack Rhead got retained by the first team this season, played nearly every game for us last year, did superb when stepped up for the first team. Stirling Woodside, for 2 seasons, stepped up when asked and did a great job. Won MOTM in an away FA Vase game then not even recalled to the squad in the replay. Stepped up last season away to St Austell. Elliot Cunningham did well in his call up. Now doing very well at Ivybridge. Fab Ewers-Johnson played 90 mins at the end of the season and was outstanding. Appreciate the entire squad wasn’t full of players that could step up but as players needed for cover, we had 3-4 that could. And did ! Think with an extra year of reserve football we could have generated 2-3 more young lads too. Fin McBeth, Jake Hawson - both young, quick, clinical strikers.
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