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  1. According to Falmouths twitter page it's had an inspection and is good to go !
  2. I saw Andy at a Plymouth Argyle Ladies game a couple of months ago so he could be up in Plymouth living.I noticed he was heading for the back of the buildings that house the offices and changing rooms at the new Manadon pitch so maybe he's helping out there.
  3. Unfortunately the three 'grumpy old men' all passed away this year.
  4. From his facebook page.. "I have managed to dislocate my ankle, break it, snap my fib and snap the ligaments also. Operation went as well as it could and have now got plates and screws in it. Similar to my other ankle. Im home with my feet up for now! I Might have to have a second op dependant on success of this one".
  5. Dare I say there's the possibility of games being thrown to avoid the top spot therefore avoiding promotion ?
  6. And this is what was wrong with football back then.Some poor sod going to a local football match only to get his head kicked in by a bunch of half witted thugs.I remember people I worked with going up to Argyle games just for the fun of kicking the crap out of some poor sod they'd managed to separate from his mates.Pathetic.
  7. Pretty much sums up the majority of your comments to be fair.😏
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