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  1. Every other car a brand spanking new Rage Rover too !! 😏
  2. They certainly were on Saturday so yes still doing it.
  3. I loved the way the ponies and donkeys were free to roam the streets.Lovely part of the country.
  4. Bodmin went up with a scratch team and Brockenhurst played very very good football.
  5. Wasn’t aimed at you or Colin in any way shape or form or Saltash as a club.Aimed at the forum user who saw fit to take the when Bodmin went out on penalties.
  6. My bad for copying it from a tweet.Whatever were still in the vase 😀
  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha INELIGIBLE PLAYER......
  8. To be fair Carter is actually signed on with Bodmin,as far as I know he never actually left.Know what you mean though.
  9. No way will Lee Hobbs keep him at Parkway playing like this.This was the Carter of old,wanting the ball at his feet and not working for anything.
  10. Bodmin were the equal of Saltash in every department apart from Carter,too slow and no spark.
  11. Lee Bevan and Lyle Johndon both carrying injuries.Lyle played last Saturday though.Not sure about Simmo though.
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