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  1. He wouldn't praise them if they won 10-0
  2. Monsoon

    Newquay vs Bodmin

    Come to think of it I may have mixed the games up !!
  3. Monsoon

    Newquay vs Bodmin

    He tried it against Illogan on Saturday but it didn't go in.
  4. Founded in 2013 so hardly a here and gone outfit.
  5. https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/stadium-cornwalls-future-doubt-after-2078664
  6. Monsoon

    St Austell vs Bodmin

    I should have edited a bit quicker ?
  7. Just confirmed on Twitter by St Austell AFC
  8. Word at the ground was that his baby is poorly.Credit where credit is due Tavy were brilliant today,we were crap.Too slow and no idea.