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  1. It's not the 'playing in the rain' thats the problem Al it's the damage being done to the pitches.Amatuer groundsmen have full time jobs/family etc.
  2. Darren and Will.Will plays for St.Cleer but has had a couple of games for Bodmin Town.
  3. Law of averages Al.When was the last time you went to a game ?
  4. He wouldn't go if it was in his bloody back garden.
  5. Watched Jersey play a couple of games in the Ynys Mon Island games tournament last year.A very good team in my opinion.Having watched all of the Kernow games so far I have to say we'd really struggle against Jersey.
  6. At the Falmouth v Saltash final at Priory Park there were stewards present.In front of me one of the F-Troop boys lit a flare,he was asked to put it out by a steward,he laughed in the stewards face and just let it carry on burning.
  7. Watching as a neutral I thought Parkway matched them until maybe the last 15 minutes.Merthyr stepped it up a little bit but I think the first half tactics of making the Parkway boys run for the ball finally paid off.Enjoyed the game and the facilities (superb).
  8. Came up for this game,what a performance from Parkway,worthy of a league up ! Calvers goal was an absolute peach.Pitch,new clubhouse and car park all looked amazing.Well done to all concerned.
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