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  1. There's that hot air and smoke again...only its steam coming of the bullsh,te. 🐃 Fantastic. Thanks very much, nobody other than me believed you would do it twice. Another £40 for me and another pint for you. Unfortunately, my mates now think we are in cahoots thus, at least for the rest of today, you are now a non-runner, so feel free to to respond in your own time (FYI the graphic of the bull is genius), just don’t expect a reply. COYY# Best regards. Roy PS we have moved onto kaluha and pineapple now.
  2. Thanks Older, you just won me forty quid. Over our Sunday afternoon pints, we ran a pool on who would be the first person to respond to message about the Easter Bunny. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Next time I am down Penryn way I will be happy to buy you a pint. Cheers Roy PS Please respond quickly to this also, so I can double up.
  3. Bideford no great shakes, 11th in league and lost four of there last five games, did see Mr Massey in Truro this week wearing a Bideford track suit top which I found a little strange though.🙃 Heard a lot of money changed hands in the carpark afterwards. Strange place for Helston to flash the cash! interesting times for St Austell, no manager in place for next season and heard that Brokenshire, Eddy, Goldsworthy and Slateford have all agreed to sign for Helston for next season! It was only from the old boys but that would be worrying times. Think you will find its another club down this way not Helston who will be splashing cash for Goldsworthy and Eddy next season...if the rumours are true! To add some real news to the all the above hersay/rumours/gossip. On his way back from the pub last night, my mate (who is a journalist for the West Briton thus a highly reliable source) says he saw a panther chasing the Easter Bunny across Kellaway Park. Unfortunately, just like all the above, he has absolutely no evidence to back up his claims. I do however believe every word he says. Happy Easter to all.
  4. Launceston 3 v 1 Sticker (11.00am)  Plymouth Argyle Reserves 2 v 0Godolphin Atlantic (2.00pm) Tavistock 2 v 2 Helston Athletic (2.00pm)  CORNWALL SENIOR CUP FINAL (2.00pm) Falmouth Town 1 v 3 Saltash United
  5. Bodmin Town 2 v 1 Camelford Callington Town 2 v 1 Launceston Cullompton Rangers 0 v 3 Exmouth Town Elburton Villa 1 v 2 Ivybridge Town Falmouth Town 2 v 3 Helston Athletic Godolphin Atlantic 2 v 2 Newquay (12.00 PM) Millbrook 2 v 2 Torpoint Athletic Sticker 1 v 3 St Austell Tavistock 4 v 1 Saltash United
  6. Elburton Villa 2 v 1 Newquay 7.30 PM Launceston 3 v 0 Godolphin Atlantic 6.30 PM Plymouth Argyle 2 v 0 Cullompton Rangers   7.30 PM
  7. Bodmin Town 1 v 3 Helston AthleticFalmouth Town 3 v 1 Callington TownLaunceston 1 v 2 Elburton VillaSt Austell 3 v 1 Ivybridge Town Tavistock 8 v 0 Sticker 
  8. Godolphin Atlantic 1 v 3 Plymouth Argyle Reserves Torpoint Athletic 1 v 2 Saltash United
  9. Camelford 0 v 4 St Austell Elburton Villa 1 v 4 Tavistock  Saltash United 3v 1 Callington Town Ivybridge Town 1 v 2 Falmouth Town
  10. Bodmin Town 1 v 3 Saltash United Callington Town 0 v 4 St Austell Camelford 0 v 3 Tavistock Cullompton Rangers 3 v 1 Launceston Helston Athletic 3 v 1 Ivybridge Town Newquay 2 v 1 Elburton Villa Torpoint Athletic 0 v 2 Exmouth Town
  11. Zero. Last paying position in the Premier is 4th which collects £300 (first pays £2,000) Right now the teams in the upper part of the table should be chasing position/points for FA Cup eligibility (assuming their ground is up to standard of course). Even losing in the Extra Preliminary Rd of the FA Cap paid £750 this year. Winners of the Extra Prelim Rd got £2,250 and you are then guaranteed another £960 even if you lose the next round. Thus the total income for lasting just one round of the FA cup is over £3,000. Significant amount of money at this level.
  12. Callington Town 3 v 1 NewquayElburton Villa 2 v 1 Bodmin TownIvybridge Town 3 v 1 CamelfordPlymouth Argyle Reserves 4 v 0 Launceston
  13. Camelford. 1 v 4 Saltash United Godolphin Atlantic 0 v 3 Bodmin Town Helston Athletic 1 v 3 Exmouth Town Ivybridge Town 2 v 1 Callington Town Launceston 0 v 3 Falmouth Town Tavistock 5 v 0 Newquay Torpoint Athletic 1 v 4 St Austell
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