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  1. Not sure what the weather was like in D&C but the gale that was blowing in Gloucester was awful.. Football or the lack of it was at a premium.. However, Tavistock adapted to the conditions and in the end ground out a deserved win...
  2. Westcountry boy

    SWPL - Saturday Sept 29 2018

    Stop being such a technofob... If you follow the SWPL website you will then see the results as they happen.. Better still twitter... I am currently in Manchester and saw all the results as they happened... However, I have come across folk like you throughout my life!! Not happy unless they are moaning!!! Bah humbug...
  3. Westcountry boy

    Bodmin dismantled by Tavistock

    As good as it gets....
  4. Westcountry boy

    Bodmin dismantled by Tavistock

    I have great respect for Danny O but I do have to disagree with his opinion that Bodmin gifted Tavistock the game... There was naivety on their behalf.. 4-1 down and still piling forward and therefore getting exposed to the quicker Tavistock attack... I was surprised that they were outplayed all over the pitch... But as I have previously said it is only their second defeat in the league, long way to go yet.... Tavistock won their first league title losing three games...
  5. Westcountry boy

    Bodmin dismantled by Tavistock

    To answer Quicksilver's question.... I believe that it was a combination of both. Tavistock were quicker around the pitch and that is where the game was won... Bodmin do have some quality players and the season is not won or lost in September... Long way to go in the season... But I think that Tavistock if they keep playing with this sort of tempo will be there or there abouts at the end of the season...