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  1. Saturday I shall be at the Newlyn Lions game v St Agnes. If you are involved in that game please donate what ever you can towards this little not having the operation that will give him pain leg an aided walking! Something we all take for granted! If you as a club could help by maybe donating something one week that would be great! Charity auction next month, 24 February at Camborne RFC please come along and support us. Thanks all and happy new year
  2. Boxing day we held a collection at Penzance Football Club when they took on Mousehole. Thank you to everyone that donated into the buckets. We raised £91.30 towards the appeal!
  3. Just to update you the total raised when Marazion played Newlyn NA was £45.20 which is an amazing amount from one match! I had no game this week due to a work course so nothin collected now! There is a collection tin at marazion football club is any of you are over there and wish to donate! If you want to donate but can't get to marazion please comment and I will help you do that! I know one or two teams have said when they play away as there isn't a referee to pay they will donate the subs for some of the matches which is amazing! Any help you can give to help this little boy walk independent
  4. Massive thank you to Marazion and Newlyn NA for your support today! Newlyn donated all there player subs to helping Harvey and Marazion had a wipe around and also donated the football card money! I will give an update on total when it's been counted! Also thank you to marazion for offering to support the appeal till the end with taking a collection tin and also with the offer of help with a fundraising event when the weather is better! It really is amazing to see these teams coming together to help this little 8 year old boy! I hope to have more information soon on the charity football match b
  5. Hello all, just an update after last weekend, I am fundraising for Harvey Watson who is an 8 year old boy from lanner thsn needs and operation to help him walk independently and pain free but it's not available on the NHS and so we have to raise £25,000 for the operation then more money for the physio and things he needs after. I will post the link to the Facebook page below and if you wish to donate there are links on there or click shop now on he page! Any way I was refereeing twice last week first game was New Inn Titans v rosudgeon reserves and the second was wendron vets v Constantine vet
  6. Pleasure to be in the middle for this game! Well fought first half and early in the second half before st day went on to hit 6 in second half! Very clean game and only had to go to pocket once! Good luck to both teams for the rest of the season! I'm sure I will see you again before the end! Also thanks for being so welcoming in the club house after!
  7. Was a pleasure to referee this fixture today! First half both teams fought hard and was 1-0 to newlyn half time, second half newlyn went on to grab another four goals but it was a very clean and well fought match, thank you to both teams for making it a pleasure to referee I wasn't here as was refereeing myself but I know mousehole seconds won in extra time 5-3
  8. If stuck still inbox me ASAP I haven't s game that day yet.
  9. I think you will find I arrived in my own car alone and left in my own car alone! I never sat in anyone's dug out! Before the game I put my drinks and flags in the hit on the opposite side of the pitch to the dig outs and then at half time I sat alone and had a drink! I do not have any ties with any clubs! I always travel to matches alone unless a mentor or assessor is going then I may take them with me!! So I strongly suggest you get your facts correct before saying things like this! When I am on that pitch I am there to do a job! And if you want to say these things I think you will find befo
  10. I won't be commenting on this matter any further than I have already! I will leave this for the CCFA to deal with now!
  11. Was a pleasure to referee it, was a good match. Just a shame things happened off the pitch!
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