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  1. Shouldn’t a ref call it off and ring Paul right away coz teams need a ref then phone the 2 Dave’s and the other team oh yeah and most of all let the ref know , spose you could still charge them
  2. Well played St day , smashed us could have been more easy , shame we didn’t give you a game easy win well done , good food and thank you for the jug of beer
  3. I can remember getting changed in a phone box many many years ago for Sunday football hehe down leeds town way
  4. That’s what we did for our games in August but was sunny , wouldn’t wanna do that in this rain
  5. He’s a very good ref got to be one the best out there
  6. That’s no reason to miss footy . Does he not know it’s footy season
  7. Get away only 6 refs for 19 games where the rest of the refs to ?? Phoned in sick
  8. Can anyone help Aggie 3rds v fal dc . We are without a ref again for sat . Will pay going rate
  9. Hello is there anyone who can ref my game sat pls Aggie 3rds v st day , it’s a 3 clock ko up chivy
  10. Yeah and bad if your trying to get out the way and it still hits you but laws are laws at the end of the day and I always play by them
  11. Only commented to say most refs wouldn’t listen to anyone really the ref we had at a game just gone saw abt 6 hand balls easy and didn’t give any even when called for and he was looking right at um when refs have a good game I always txt Paul to say they done well I don’t txt him if there not so good coz I’m sure refs know like players do when they have a off day
  12. I understand what your saying abt this , but I think if it was a player who was not a ref then the ref would just carry on with the game . The ref should just ref it his way and not listen to to others coz will cause tribble , if it was the other way round would ppl speak up I don’t think so , glad I’m not a ref
  13. Sorry mate I think if it’s was just a player saying it the ref would tell them to shut up he’s made his decision
  14. Dean has got to be one the best refs around , we’ve had him a few times
  15. That’s not a good start , I can see them folding
  16. hello mate do we pay on the day ? and how many mens teams are in it pls

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