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  1. Yeah and bad if your trying to get out the way and it still hits you but laws are laws at the end of the day and I always play by them
  2. Only commented to say most refs wouldn’t listen to anyone really the ref we had at a game just gone saw abt 6 hand balls easy and didn’t give any even when called for and he was looking right at um when refs have a good game I always txt Paul to say they done well I don’t txt him if there not so good coz I’m sure refs know like players do when they have a off day
  3. I understand what your saying abt this , but I think if it was a player who was not a ref then the ref would just carry on with the game . The ref should just ref it his way and not listen to to others coz will cause tribble , if it was the other way round would ppl speak up I don’t think so , glad I’m not a ref
  4. Sorry mate I think if it’s was just a player saying it the ref would tell them to shut up he’s made his decision
  5. Dean has got to be one the best refs around , we’ve had him a few times
  6. That’s not a good start , I can see them folding
  7. We can if you can get it up club coz chivy won’t be marked
  8. If there not marking pitches maybe they can fill pot holes
  9. Got one on the 30th so no can do sorry
  10. Sorry mate can’t do that day
  11. So did I mate looks like there was no1 to take over so we didn’t want to see 7 seasons go tits up , easy win last night heard u was there looking for players
  12. Can anyone do a away friendly coz our pitch isn’t ready for Friday 26th or Monday the 29th against Aggie 3rds
  13. They couldn’t find anyone to do it . So someone needs to
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