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  1. It Should have said playing not paying , why think it was amid at st Ives
  2. Don’t post much on here , but hope Fal United win the league ,great bunch of young lads and are not playing players who should be playing above there level or paying the system .
  3. What teams are still playing in div 3 ??
  4. Saves all the phone calls saying called off coz of waterlogged pitches etc
  5. We also have no ref again 3rd wk on the trot now
  6. Most of us will be working mate thanks for the offer tho mate
  7. Aggie 3rds v holmans need a ref for sat pls .if anyone would help out
  8. No coz I’m not a grass , I’m just saying it can happen
  9. So play who you want when you want and just tick different names when you go to do it on line , hahah , just sign on jo blogs and play anyone under his name who’s not signed on
  10. Least that clears it up , the ref doing tms v Aggie told tms they don’t need to be done , pls make this clear with refs as well , why should I waste my time filling it out then to be told we don’t have one for you to look at coz the ref said don’t bother
  11. Pls can someone from above let us all know the rule on team sheets ?? Do we do them or not we have been told to but other clubs have been told by the refs not to bother ???????
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