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  1. Chris wells

    Trelawny League - Saturday Oct 20 2018

    You should get the points then , he should have waited till you told him it’s off
  2. Chris wells

    Yet again no ref yet

    You got friends lol
  3. Chris wells

    Trelawny & Cups - Saturday 6 October 2018

    Don’t blame um Glory hunter couldn’t score in combo , feed the shackers
  4. Chris wells

    Why the shortage?

    We always make refs feel welcome and even offer um cup tea or coffee at half time . We chat with you for ages b4 the game coz we like you well they all chat with kate and just say to me not you again lol
  5. Chris wells

    Yet again no ref yet

    Can anyone help pls no ref for sat yet . Is it only the teams that keep finding refs don’t get given them coz they hope we will find one
  6. Chris wells

    Ref needed for Saturday pls

    Thank you I will fb you x
  7. St Agnes 3rds need a ref for sat anyone free to help pls , it’s at chivy 2:30 ko against wendron 07834786779 for got to add my number wellsy
  8. Yep Cheers mate I did play well lol
  9. We’ve had that kit for 3 seasons . It’s no different then black and white strips . Just take it you lost don’t blame the kit, no ref or other team has moaned abt it b4 . You sound like a bad workmen blaming his tools
  10. Bolster side pmsl. That’s all I’ve got to say .
  11. hello mate do we pay on the day ? and how many mens teams are in it pls

  12. how many water proof suits u got pls