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  1. Perranwell 7-3aggie 3rds great to see all 6 of you in the bar out of 16 . But to be fair one was only 16 haha
  2. Don’t think many pitches will be playable again this wk
  3. Shouldn’t a ref call it off and ring Paul right away coz teams need a ref then phone the 2 Dave’s and the other team oh yeah and most of all let the ref know , spose you could still charge them
  4. Well played St day , smashed us could have been more easy , shame we didn’t give you a game easy win well done , good food and thank you for the jug of beer
  5. I can remember getting changed in a phone box many many years ago for Sunday football hehe down leeds town way
  6. That’s what we did for our games in August but was sunny , wouldn’t wanna do that in this rain
  7. He’s a very good ref got to be one the best out there
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