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  1. Being as I have been there trying to sort this out in the rain I can quite assure you are completely wrong!!!
  2. Having had quite lengthy chats with Daren I now know that you do not have a clue as to what is going on with Danny. you have come on this site and made statements that you can not back up and are a complete fabrication of the truth. i know you have goaded me into this statement. But sometimes it just pisses me off when I read such complete bollocks Alan Carey Manager Porthleven Afc
  3. In response to this I would like to say that having to try and win our last three games to try and get a top 3 finish and the fact that ludgvan played Saturday and Monday I can assure you we wanted to play this game tonight. there is nothing fishy from this end if anything we are very disappointed not to be playing tonight.
  4. Oh look your not the only club that wants to move forward it’s just the rest don’t need to write everything in lights like Mousehole seam to need to do !!!
  5. So sorry to hear this news! We had some great battles on the pitch while he was at Blazey and me at Porthleven!, two really good sides with Trev just having the edge ! We ended up being good friends! no doubt in my mind he was one of the best managers this county as ever produced ! my thoughts are with Jill and the family RIP Trev x
  6. Cannot disagree with you Leeds we simply did not turn up !, but I would say it was nice to see St Blazey pitch and surrounds getting back to what one expects from a club of that stature Well done to everyone involved there is life after the gold diggers !,,
  7. Well to be honest I though my lads did very well on Saturday ! we could have used a shut up shop formation and sat deep but i decided to let them play with freedom and have a go. Don't accept is was naivety, we had come back from 2 down and felt we could go on to crab it with only 7 or so minutes on the clock, but we got turned over by two pieces of magic from Slates . Good luck to Bodmin in the next round and in your vase game on Saturday.
  8. Terry I was not taking it out of pz I was taking it out of you because you always seam to be bumping into someone from all these clubs who can't wait to tell you who is missing or who is upset at being left out. if u saw my fb page you will see what I think of bryn and pz. i am under no illusions as to how difficult it will be going to pz in the league and I fully expect a tough game with st blazey on Saturday i would have thought with all of your experience you would know that the first game of the season is always one of the hardest. As you said to Kevin Richards it's not your concern we are not in the big time !!!! Big time your having a laugh and to say who cares about the west division is completely out of order I would have thought you would know better than make a statement like that !!
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