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  1. Vincent Tan was very good at standing his ground when he changed Cardiffs colours from blue to red, but what are they playing in now? He insulted the club and its history aswell but fans pressure won in the end. At the end of the day Masters does pull all the strings but it does not mean loyal fans should just lie down and take it! People may call it moaning and s*** stirring, other people call it caring about the club they care about and love. If you are passionate about the club you love you are more than likely to get banned in some way for voicing your opinion , it's ca
  2. KIT which team prefers the White kit? Did Mr Masters ring around all the other clubs where the players have gone or are you talking about the players who are new and most of the others been there five minutes? In his forum he was on about colour clashes, the more he talks the more real fans see what a joke he is. At the end of his quote he puts END OF! Again him and his puppets are insulting TCFC, it's history and the true fans ( the loyal ones who have supported thru thick and thin) There are not many more respected footballers then Rappo around, read his thread on clubs h
  3. Anything Masters does is not a surprise, the bloke is just looking after number one all the time. Whoever takes on Tulls will be taking on a class act and I wish him well. Whoever the new investors may be are either mad or have the same mentality as Masters, which has nothing to do with the success and future of TCFC
  4. You notice Dave I wrote clubs plural, never mentioned any club in particular ?
  5. Thanks Steve for coming on and stating the actual facts for those with less knowledge. Its just a shame people like Kevin Richards has got to come on here criticising hard working people like yourself after all the years he has been in football. Maybe if he thinks he can do better he should put his name forward to go on the league council rather than his usual walking out on clubs when he don't get his own way!! Jamie C, Plymouth Argyle could finish 7th this year and get promotion, will there be uproar in the West Country if this happens? ?
  6. Mountaineer Regarding the floodlight fiasco, the statement about following league rules was there Second statement. The First statement was just a blunt one saying no refunds would be given and no free admission would be offered to anyone for the replay as it was caused by things out of there control. The second statement was made a few days later after the uproar it caused. It was just one of many PR blunders
  7. DD keep up the good work on here. Once again Mr Ratchford and his PR team has shown how unprofessional they are. When I put a few posts on about how unfair it was when the floodlights went out that there would originally be no refunds or free entry to the rematch I was suddenly blocked by them on Twitter! Thats what they think of fans, they have to work in there own devious ways and no one can question them. The reasons they are so successful is down to Steve Tully and his team and squad and not the jokers who run the club!! The puppets at the top are not interested in
  8. Mountaineer I am not questioning your loyalty or support, I hope I will be able to still be going along to games when I am 80, I just thought the way you worded it that it sounded like you supported swearing, I am sorry if I read it the wrong way. As far as unity amongst supporters go, wouldn't that be fantastic. End or the day all supporters want Steve Tully and his lads to go from strength to strength along with the club. Unfortunately after events in recent years some fans are worried about the future of the club, and with the way Mr Masters and his band deal with some matters they have rea
  9. Mountaineer, hardly worth a mention? So you think it is acceptable these days for anyone of any age to go around swearing at each other? especially if you are there representing other people!! Its no wonder the world is in the state it is with mentality like that!! Also do you have to sing songs with swear words to be a faithful supporter? This must be at away games as the only songs sung at the library at Truro is by away fans, or have home fans been banned from singing in case it causes an atmosphere??!!
  10. I think PR at Truro stands for Preventing Realism, no wonder he left his role, think he will need a good politician to take up his role!!
  11. You are correct Dave, on the TCFC Mr Masters does sound fed up . Firstly he goes on about getting a message from a long standing supporter basically saying the matters of the club has nothing to do with the supporters and leave it to the people in charge! Maybe that long standing supporter has short term memory loss after the previous person who ran the club and the way he operated!! Also Mr Masters stated they have lost a foot soldier through cyber bullying and all genuine supporters are hurting!! Mr Masters would not know a genuine supporter if he jumped up and bit him on the Arse!! i suppos
  12. Unfortunately it does not come as a shock to most people who don't wear blinkers , but I am sure Kit will come back and say we are just a bunch of •••• stirrers!! Do they never question Mr Masters history as a football supporter and question what he is in it for?
  13. Macclesfield or Ashton would be wishing it was next season, may be classed as a local derby then.!! Well done to Steve Tulley and all the squad for making history.
  14. Good luck to all TISA members, hopefully you will get someone in control of your club soon who cares about the future of the club you love , and not someone who cares only about the future of his wallet
  15. I like it where he says people need to get a life for running down the Chairman, which have been done for pretty concrete reasons, where as he runs down the whole of Cornish football by saying it is crap!! Thats why I thought it was pretty uncommon to put a post on from an unregistered person, if it had good substance I would understand but his is just total drivel !!
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