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  1. I think you've got to go to any game and be prepared to change in a carpark at the moment. If you have a changing room it's a bonus I must admit I was looking at my kit in the car and wondering which bit to start with, the hailstones hitting my nipples wasnt the highlight of my afternoon, but you've got to go with it. On the flip side it was nice to have the mud free 4g to warm up on and not get wet and muddy before KO. I was very grateful to be able to have a decent hot shower after, however it came about, I think 3 of us did in one changing room, not sure about the other. All things considered it's good to be back playing football whatever, had enough of the no sport weekends and should make the most of playing whatever happens on or off the pitch. Pitch was in very good condition and hats off to hayle getting g the game on at all
  2. I've had a absolute mare for the goal. Unexplainable lack of anything, including and excuse 😫 which I've got away with today. Decent game of football though, battled hard by both teams
  3. Well done to Lanner, fully deserved, better side yesterday, and credit to them they won and celebrated very gracefully and made being on the wrong side reasonably painless for us. Its been a very enjoyable season at Mawnan and had something to celebrate last week. Hopefully the lad i folded in half is ok? wishing him a speedy recovery - consolation is I cant walk today Congrats to lanner, a decent side and a decent bunch See you next year
  4. Constantine 5 - Troon 0 Great result for us, and a decent crowd at the tine. improving all the time and played some great football. Pity Troon didn’t come in to enjoy the sausage chips and onion rings that were cooked for them. Still we managed two trays like true athletes Onwards and upwards to the next round!
  5. Constantine 4 lanner 1 Result flattered us in the end as there wasnt much in it. But we kept going and with lanner chasing a few gaps opened up. Not hugely enjoyable with indirect freekicks both ways every few minutes for swearing. Rules are rules i guess and he did tell us and stuck to it. But no flow to the game at all. Had to eat two trays of food as lanner didnt stay long! Which at 6'7 and 21 stone is not required..... All the best for the rest of the season
  6. Fair enough assessment not sure if the goals were before the red or after though. Tine had one of there better days and played well around the park. Cheers to Perranporth for having a drink in the club and nigel who was very fair and kept it sporting today in my opinion (I did get my slippery gloves out once today) Good luck for the season
  7. I had a foriegn guy come up to me after about a 20-0 defeat in the sunday league on the top pitch at dracaena years ago. Said he was doing an article. He wanted me to pose in goal for a close up. I wasnt too impressed as it was p*ssing it down, like a bog and we got hammered! But played ball and never heard any more. Wonder if this was related? Incidently it didnt start a modelling career either.....
  8. To be fair I read the posts earlier and dangerous didn't mention names and stated more than once he didn't want to talk about it fairly early on. Not sure he's done a great deal wrong here. I think the experienced refs do a great job and well done to the new ones. That is all from me
  9. Wasn't at the game, didn't play due to injury, don't think anyone can judge the characters who offended especially those speculative ones who weren't at the game as it was out if character. one of the offenders in particular apologised to his team mates on our Facebook page, but evidently it wouldn't have affected the result as the better team won. I have probably come across dangerous playing but not reffing, fair play for the morals of switching and you can only always give what you see, also for not talking about it on here. Others may consider other sides to stories
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