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  1. 100% not the case, really looking forward to the challenge if we get elected in. Lots of work been going on off the field to be prepared for the step up. As a club we will relish the challenge!
  2. Why is it starting so late? Why not next weekend or 17th?
  3. Any news on the Duchy’s decision yet?
  4. I think you’ve mis read this, no one entered the wrong changing room yesterday.
  5. And what team are you from? Because I’ve never been involved when one of our players has entered the other sides changing rooms? Get your facts right, the older guy you are talking about didn’t even make the challenge! As I’ve said we shouldn’t of acted the way we did, but please remember the whole of your bench were on the pitch aswell so don’t make out it was all our fault. If your man hadn’t put a head butt in then we wouldn’t be on here having this argument. Let’s leave it at that, we all make mistakes, I made one yesterday I hold my hands up and apologise to your linesman, but please don’t come on here slating my team and suggesting it was all us. Have a look at yourselves aswell, good luck for the next round and look forward to playing you in the league!
  6. As St Dominick manager I firstly apologise for the brawl, but a head butt from st Columb started things. As to your linesman, he was an absolute disgrace, flagging a goal for offside and then turning around and laughing about it! I feel very much upset about today but I know our boys played it in the right spirit. I’m afraid St Columb you are a disgrace, and your linesman an absolute Disgrace
  7. My predictions for today 🤣 Mount Gould v Looe Town Postponed Padstow United v St Minver Postponed Plymouth Marjon v Newquay Postponed Roche v Torpoint Athletic Postponed St Cleer v Foxhole Postponed St Stephen v St Dominick Postponed St Teath v St Newlyn East Postponed Veryan v St Blazey Postponed
  8. Come on guys, we haven’t had much rain yet!! Pitches aren’t wet, what hope have we got in the middle of winter!! People must love staying at home on Saturdays!!!
  9. St Columb vs St Dominick OFF Very disappointing that the first bit of real rain on a Saturday and games already being called off. With everything going on in the world football is still allowed to be played and we’re calling it off. Time to get on with it, get the game played. Worry about the pitches after it’s happened not before!! A VERY DISAPPOINTED ST DOMINICK MANAGER!!!
  10. Have you ever been to St Dominic? We pride ourselves in our pitch, we are a village side run by volunteers. We don’t have the money or machinery to have a pitch like some of the big clubs in Cornwall! To come on here and have a go at other clubs about their pitches really does show what a tool you are!! If you haven’t got anything decent to say, why don’t you keep quiet👍
  11. Fair enough, it’s a shame we at St Dominic had a cup run so we were behind on our league games and due to the wet winter. We also had St Columb to play twice, but there you go things like this happen in the new weird world we’re living in. Congratulations to St Columb.
  12. Is it right that St Columb have been promoted? If so, on what basis have they been given it over other teams?
  13. Paul, hugely respect the league on decisions they make, but struggling to understand why the Duchy can’t follow the other leagues within the county and release fixtures and a plan on when they are looking to start. we at St Dominic are in the east Cornwall league and are putting in measures for safety of players and spectators, why won’t we be able to do the same for our duchy side come the beginning of September. I understand there will be clubs against starting straight away, but the majority will be raring to go. Please don’t take this negatively, it more of a question to clear up the confusion. Mind you listening to the negative scare mongering media we'll be back in lockdown within weeks.......so it’ll be back out of the leagues control!!!!
  14. Yes Ricky Coton, but he left a couple of games in. Was never captain mind haha. Be interested to hear grassrootsgaz’s team, he seems to get everywhere so he must of seen several teams so far this year.
  15. Can’t believe Kieran Ryall hasn’t been mentioned! Coton??
  16. That’s a very weak excuse, you can get anywhere in our league within an hour. Does get me annoyed when people say they can’t travel!
  17. Duchy League still on, what’s the difference with the east Cornwall league? Surely if both teams were happy to play then let them get on with it.
  18. Fair play to St Newlyn trying to get it on, shame not all teams are like this. The sign of times I’m afraid!!
  19. Marjons 1 Doms 7 7-0 at halftime through Ryallx2, Jefferyx2, Barrett, Searle and Searle. Credit to Marjons in the second half who defended well, and grabbed a late consolation. Looking forward to the final against Mount Gould 💛🖤
  20. Will you be present tomorrow Gaz, interested to hear your predictions for tomorrow!
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