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  1. Hi all, With our first home game looming, I'd like to know what ,measures clubs have put in place to address covid-19? We are planning to: Register all players Ask away team to bring their own sanitiser Disinfectant buckets around pitch to wash footballs Only toilets available with wipes to clean down as you leave Players will be given a side of the pitch in to be for the game Anything else?
  2. How about Saturday 15th of August at ours? Split ref fees ?
  3. Hi all, we are planning to welcome clubs to GSM soon and want to see what other clubs are doing. Our changing rooms are out of bounds currently, with the just the toilets being accessible. We're looking to invest in spray solutions that people can use on equipment/toilets etc after use and planning on having disinfectant in buckets for footballs that go out of play. We have also made a register for both teams to fill in to act as a track and trace. What are other clubs planning and any other advice on the cleaning side?
  4. Due to the opposition not being able to play, we have a free slot at ours on 15th August (Saturday) it'll either be a 12 or 1pm kick off. We've contacted a few clubs so its on a first come first serve. Ideally looking to play Trelawny side.
  5. Following the news yesterday we are looking to pencil in some dates throughout August for some friendlies, either home or away. Both teams to split ref costs. If interested please message in here
  6. So why dont we as a league have an AGM via zoom? 1 rep per club so it doesn't get confusing
  7. Could this be a good idea once the leagues have met then?
  8. Perhaps a zoom SGM meeting with the CCFA involved in it too?
  9. Hi all, we don't really comment much on here. As a new club competing in the ECPL for the first time, we want to express our thanks to the league committee and this years clubs. The workload that goes into running a league, especially with the bad weather that is starting to turn up every season now! As a club we were never that keen on 18 teams in the league, due to the amount of fixtures, plus as mentioned we have a few months were games get cancelled week in week out, causing a back log! Pitches don't have the recovery time, meaning more work for club volunteers etc. We would welcome a league of 14/16 teams if it was on the cards? It would more than likely bring less stress to the fixtures and club secretary's, would help player availability too, as theres been a a few clubs that struggled this season, we being one of them. If you ae concerned about a lack of league fixtures, bring in a champions league style cup like the Duchy have, or another format? Stay safe everyone and see you at the other side
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