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  1. Dropship Sunday Football League 26.01.2020 FX Union v St Kew Highway [10:45 @ Falmouth School 3G] Royal Par v Tremough [11:00 @ Par Track] Tregony v Falmouth Athletico [11:00 @ Tregony]
  2. I think we're a special case here in Cornwall. We have a long, thin county. Travelling is awkward. In the Sunday leagues that I've played in around Up Country, there tends to be clusters of teams in big towns with good transport links in between. So I do wonder why the massive metropolis city of Truro has no Sunday league team at all. Falmouth has three! What is going on? Add to this Cornish problem that nowadays, people are less inclined to playing football and you'll find that a county like Cornwall is the first to show significant signs of collapse. However, I know from first hand that the Cornish FA are making big attempts to revive the Sunday league. The Cornwall Sunday League AGM is on Wednesday September 4th at the Dracaena Centre in Falmouth at 7pm. If any team is interested in joining or even just playing cup matches, please urge them to attend. Apathy is killing grass roots football. The people that are still running clubs or playing the game are as passionate as ever. How do we get more clubs playing Sunday League? Last year there were 7 clubs in the league. There are over half a million people living in Cornwall. If each club has a squad of 30 players then that's 0.042% of the population play football on a Sunday. Or to simplify, one in every 2,380 people. Or to simplify even further, 1 person in a village the size of St Teath plays Sunday football. We all need to get people playing. The Sunday League has hit rock bottom. Lets not let it get any lower! Please help! Contact me (Cam) on 07456 993 191 if you have a club that wants to join or if you have any questions/ideas.
  3. My post on Cornwall Sunday League facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/376989989034023/) just now... Wendron 8 Royal Par 1 5-1 half-time Wow. That was some wind today! But credit to both teams. I had the luxury of being lino at a 45 degree angle and can confirm that some lovely football occurred from both teams despite the conditions. The Wendron lads were just too much younger, fitter, quicker, more skillful and generally better than us Vets. Apart from that, it was an even game! Superb hospitality from Lee 'Scouse' Smith and his club once again. It's a pleasure to come and play there. All the best in the semi-final lads!
  4. Hello Steve, Take a look at http://www.cornwallveteransleague.co.uk/club-info Click on each club and decide but for your area you have Perranporth, St Agnes Bolsters, Halsetown, Kernow Wanderers, I reckon.
  5. No problem. It certainly was entertaining. Wendron have a fantastic setup there and are easily able to cater for a three match finale like that. Falmouth were excellent against a strong and hard to beat Tregony. My boys, Royal Par were 4-0 down after 20 minutes. Tremough youth ran riot and deserved their lead. Their 'keeper was sent off and we clawed back to 5-5. I didn't see the conclusion of Wendron v FX Union but I did see two goals and posts at both ends being rattled a couple of times. So yes, it was a day for the neutral! If one were to include extra time but not penalties, there were 26 goals in 330 minutes of football. That's a goal every twelve and a half minutes. And we didn't charge the spectators a penny! Now roll forward to the opening game of the World Cup and be prepared to watch a cagey 0-0 draw. Sunday footballers go for the jugular. Or is it the jug of beer?
  6. CSCFL Champions League Final Falmouth Athletico 3 - 2 Tregony Gerald Sobey Shield Final Tremough 5 - 6 Royal Par Vets (aet) West Cornwall League Cup Wendron 5 - 5 FX Union (4 - 3 pens)
  7. Well done to your boys Trucker. That is some accomplishment getting to two finals on the first season.
  8. At the risk of this sounding like a Monty Python sketch... When I were a lad, me and my mate Robert Dickinson, or Dicky for short (stop giggling at the back), would play one on one football against each other, with a bald tennis ball, wearing our scuffed school shoes and school uniform on the street after school. The goals were generally a the gap between a sky blue Hillman Hunter wheels and the rusty green garage door of grumpy Mr Hoare. But in our heads, those goals were at Roker Park or the Baseball Ground or Highfield Road or Sincil Bank, the list went on forever. We would both re-enact recent Match of the Day goals and then continue our own imaginary First Division season, in which we would memorise and recall all previous results and current league positions of the various teams we represented. Our ball control by the age of nine was exemplary. Which was ironic because our balls probably hadn't even dropped by then. I, in particular, had a penchant for long range pile driving shots and even today when playing for Royal Par Veterans, the only thing that excites me more than scoring a long range goal, is hitting the post or bar from 30 yards and hearing the ping from the metalwork. To me it feels better than scoring! Now I've not been as prolific as RAPPO in my career but I do like to think I've gone for quality over quantity. But my point is this... ...kids today can't just rock up for a game of "jumpers for goalposts". Everything they do is dictated to them. They are driven to the Centre of Excellence in a Volvo C90. They are coached the same stuff nationwide. They are driven back from the Centre of Footballing Academy Skills of Wonderfullness, still wearing their branded "Indoor Only" footwear and call in on McDonalds on the way because it's Jonny's birthday a week on Thursday and anyway the Minions are on promotion in the Happy Meals. Football is treated like an hour of entertainment and nothing more. Myself and Dicky weren't unique either. I could substitute our names for almost my whole school class, let alone for the whole of the kids on this island in those years. But it just doesn't work like that anymore. And I'm afraid to say that it is our duty to find a way to re-ignite that raw desire to control a wet, looping spinning ball dead at your feet, or to pass and move or feint and draw and thunder in a shot. Personally, I think less football on TV would help. If you're watching it, you're not playing it.
  9. Location: Par Running Track, Par, Cornwall Date/Time: Wednesday 11th April, 5pm - 7pm Par Track Ltd are a local community charity that are taking over the running of Par athletics track and associated football pitches. We'd like to meet and chat with past, current and future users of the venue facilities. We have plans to expand and improve the facilities and wish to listen to everyone's ideas and opinions. If you have time or are nearby, please drop-in for a cup of tea or coffee and biscuit and let us share with you our thoughts on the future of Par Track. Everyone welcome.
  10. Location: Par Running Track, Par, Cornwall Date/Time: Wednesday 11th April, 5pm - 7pm Par Track Ltd are a local community charity that are taking over the running of Par athletics track and associated football pitches. We'd like to meet and chat with past, current and future users of the venue facilities. We have plans to expand and improve the facilities and wish to listen to everyone's ideas and opinions. If you have time or are nearby, please drop-in for a cup of tea or coffee and biscuit and let us share with you our thoughts on the future of Par Track. Everyone welcome.
  11. Full appreciation goes to Kernow Wanderers who are arguably the nicest guys playing footy in the Vets league. We caught them on a bad day and they caught us on a good day. Basement football has never been so well performed. Both teams got the ball on the grass and played some lovely football.
  12. At Royal Par, our very own David Holley scored a 30 yard free kick. The ball bounced on the six yard box and “evaded everyone”, although eight of our players claimed a “flick-on” or “got a toe on it”. The reality is that Dave actually took the free kick in Arbroath on Friday evening whilst collecting his weekly supply of Smokies. Unfortunately the ball was filled with helium and escaped Earth’s orbit but luckily, the International Space Station was passing and collected the ball, orbitted the planet twice before presenting itself above Bideford at 11:48 am on Sunday, whereupon the ball was released and the gravitational decent and prevailing winds projected it towards Par and beyond the helpless Foxhole ‘keeper. He’s some player. I’m surprised we lost.
  13. TREGONY 5 ROYAL PAR 0 (Sunday Cup Quarter Final) Half-time 3-0 Royal Par travelled to Tregony to play in the quarter final of the Sunday Cup. It was cold and wet and the pitch was spongey. Tregony boasted pace, youth, fitness, stylish kit, supporters, organisation and proper water bottle carriers. Royal Par had... plenty of years under the straining belt. If these teams were cars, this was a BMW M2 Coupe versus a Vauxhall Chevette (with Wayne - Waynetta sun visors and fluffy dice). Luckily for Royal Par, the Tregony M2 spent the first 32 minutes performing donuts for the crowds pleasure. Then they scored. Three times. The Royal Par half-time was spent with a generous greasing of the ball joints, slight re-arrangement to the tracking (wheels were pointing the wrong way) and a good wipe of the mud flaps. A much improved performance in the second provide a couple of decent scoring opportunities for Royal which weren't taken. Tregony responded in the last ten minutes with a victory lap of two goals. Notable performances came from David Holley who defied his years with some amazing cat-like goalkeeping and Ryan Morcom who was captain marvel. The Tregony lads were absolute gentlemen throughout the whole process and it was a joy to fall on their sword. We wish them all the best in the semi-final. The food and hospitality afterwards was first class with a delicious curry and naan bread and big comfy sofa's for our very, very old and aching bones..... This was not FIFA on the Xbox. This was real.
  14. Q Cornwall Leisure Veterans League (Full Time website) Knockout Cup Semi Finals: AFC Western 3 - 2 Downderry Rovers at Goverseth Road, Foxhole Grampound 1 - 5 St Dennis at Grampound Recreation Ground, Grampound League: Callington Town 5 - 1 Holmans Cruisers at Ginsters Marshfield Park, Callington Constantine P - P St Agnes Bolsters at Trebarvah Recreation Ground, Constantine Perranporth 4 - 0 Royal Par at Ponsmere Valley, Perranporth All 11am kick off In the Knockout cup... AFC Western and Downderry Rovers meet in a semi-final having both lost by a single goal to Royal Par last time out. Downderry Rovers will be looking to avenge their one nil defeat at home against AFC Western in the league in November. AFC Western will be keen to avoid a successive semi-final cup defeat. Despite AFC Western and Downderry Rovers being at opposite ends of the table, this will be a tight game and one should expect clever tactics or a moment of brilliance to win the day. Both teams have plenty of players to provide that. Grampound have struggled to get games played on their notoriously sodden pitch but they'll be keen to see this game go ahead in the hope of nudging their way into a final over the highly rated St Dennis outfit. Grampound are yet to lose a football match on the turf this season and St Dennis have only lost one game. Be prepared to watch a stubborn semi-final battle unfold. In the league... Callington Town will be looking to take pole position in the league should they effectively deal with an erratic mid-tabled Holmans Cruisers. With Wadebridge Town being withdrawn from the league and having recently lost to league champions and leaders St Dennis, Cally are more reliant on other results to challenge for the league title. Having all three remaining games at home will be an advantage for Cally. Constantine host St Agnes Bolsters and will try to lift themselves off the bottom of the table to leap frog Downderry Rovers who are in cup action. Perranporth started the league campaign with four straight wins but have stuttered since. They will host the in form Royal Par who are hoping to claim their fifth away scalp on the run after losing their first five league games.
  15. Q Cornwall Leisure Veterans League (Full Time website) Downderry Rovers 3 - 4 Royal Par at Rally Park, Lanreath Grampound P - P AFC Western at Grampound Recreation Ground, Grampound Halsetown P - P Lanreath St Dennis P - P Threemilestone at Boscawen Park, St Dennis Wadebridge Town P - P St Agnes Bolsters All 11am kick off.
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