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  1. It looks like the hospitality area awaits me at Porthleven on the 17th then good luck to both teams hiicup
  2. I hope your information is correct and I would be happy if he wasn't the last to leave,it would be nice to see the locals back at the club it can work just look at the table most of these teams are on low budgets and play local lads, come on Steve lets get the locals back and the supporters will follow!! P W 1 Camelford 2 Liskeard Athletic 3 Dobwalls 4 Wadebridge Town 5 Falmouth Town 6 Mousehole 7 St Austell 8 Saltash United
  3. I personally dont care what anyone gets but the figures I'm hearing are bonkers! That tells me you do care and you shouldn't its not your money
  4. As stated on twitter Thank you to footage supplied by @Piranfilms, @helstonafc advise they have been successful in appealing the red card issued against their No 11 in last Tuesdays match away to @MouseholeAFC The club wishes a speedy return to football to @coryharvey30
  5. Why would he put them on here if he didn't want people to watch them and comment on them?
  6. Rumoured? !! for someone that is involved with the team you are either in denial or have no clue whats going on, next you will be saying its only a rumour that most of the players are from North Cornwall/Devon, lets not beat around the bush there is silly amounts of money being pumped into the team and he will have to spend more if they get promoted the question is will people like you still be around when the money has dried up?
  7. So why are these players not being passed onto the reserves who play in the St Pirans league also senior football, beggars the question is Helston a club or just about the first team?
  8. You could be correct the new set up might not of missed the exiles (I am sure the club house does) however it's pretty sad that the place fell silent every time Helston scored that means either Porthleven had a large following or the locals are not happy with the exiles replacements. All that money may pay for intelligent players but that doesn't pay the bills
  9. So they don't like or care for Helston, what is wrong with Helston I think it is a lovely town, The players are onboard a boat I'm guessing because the $ filling there pockets would make them drown, and you also have a problem with the locations these players come from, I think a couple come from a nice little village near St Austell you should visit apparently it has a lovely little pub with roses out on the lawn.
  10. Bruegel stop being so grumpy!! the Falmouth crowd turned up at Helston and were well behaved were they not Le Boss? they all paid to get in and spent lots of money at the bar, surely Sportsman that is what local football is about and not a few people turning up like at Bodmin, Keep it up lads maybe cut back on the some of the pyrotechnics to keep some of the fair weather supporters happy.
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