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  1. So why are these players not being passed onto the reserves who play in the St Pirans league also senior football, beggars the question is Helston a club or just about the first team?
  2. You could be correct the new set up might not of missed the exiles (I am sure the club house does) however it's pretty sad that the place fell silent every time Helston scored that means either Porthleven had a large following or the locals are not happy with the exiles replacements. All that money may pay for intelligent players but that doesn't pay the bills
  3. For someone that shouted and tossed his toys out of the pram at the prospect of St Pirans league being formed you seem to be going out of your way to make sure everything is in place, but I’m sure you don’t need to threat and worry yourself (just breath), I’m sure Steve has it all in hand and the fixtures will be out when he is good and ready.I’m sure the committee would want you to enjoy the season so stop vexing
  4. I wonder if the youngsters at Illogan were involved in these discussions because after watching them play against Helston the other day I noticed that they had a couple of very good young lads playing surely they want to play at the higher level? so will be moving on and will they be involved in the Charity cup next year having reached the final this year? Well done to Illogan for reaching both finals look forward to watching them in the finals.
  5. You might well be right but i think both were struggling to make the team this season Matty stepped in at the end of last season to help with promotion but started from the bench most games and Charlie is having problems with injurys and fitness,the boys that have signed look like good signings but lets wait for the first game and then Theo you might want to retract your rash statement
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