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  1. Do we also have to check the records to see how many local lads he used or are you going to answer the original question?
  2. Oh my God the jealousy is pouring out, more than half the Helston team will be local when has Gilbert ever been able to make that statement with his huge budget? yes that is a question please feel free to answer
  3. For someone that shouted and tossed his toys out of the pram at the prospect of St Pirans league being formed you seem to be going out of your way to make sure everything is in place, but I’m sure you don’t need to threat and worry yourself (just breath), I’m sure Steve has it all in hand and the fixtures will be out when he is good and ready.I’m sure the committee would want you to enjoy the season so stop vexing
  4. Will be interesting how many Porthleven players from last season turn up to Bodmins first training session Mr Carey been phoning around after a few of them but most of them are very reluctant
  5. Victor a mate of your dads told me you have no mates so are we really to believe this,anyway I will be your mate and let you into a secret this stays between me and you though !! the £4500 is not a signing on fee its what they will be paid per goal (bonus) and they also agreed after Mr Massey pointed out that he doesn't like players with long hair that they would turn up for training with short back and sides
  6. Was up at Helston FC over the weekend and Leeds Utd didn't quite give the full story but was close, both Eddy and Goldsworthy have had new houses brought for them while, Slater and Brokenshire turned down Bodmin even though they were offered the freedom of Bodmin, reason being they wanted to play their home games in front of more than a couple of supporters, on another note Mr Massey thought he had lost his captain KIrk Davies to his local club Penryn after word got out the old groundsman offered to go back and work for the council to cover the cost but i'm led to believe Davies turned them down as the small pitch would hinder his darting runs from full back, and don't get me started on the Tommo and Blakey saga both left the reserves for Porthleven as two of their players (Howlett, Stidwell )were approached by the first team and if the deal goes through Hughie will have a Tree named after him because he wants to save the world and Ben will have the kitchen named after him as he likes the after match food.I will leave the other storeys I was witnessed too out of this thread as they were slightly exaggerated. People just enjoy your football whether your playing or watching
  7. I wonder if the youngsters at Illogan were involved in these discussions because after watching them play against Helston the other day I noticed that they had a couple of very good young lads playing surely they want to play at the higher level? so will be moving on and will they be involved in the Charity cup next year having reached the final this year? Well done to Illogan for reaching both finals look forward to watching them in the finals.
  8. You might well be right but i think both were struggling to make the team this season Matty stepped in at the end of last season to help with promotion but started from the bench most games and Charlie is having problems with injurys and fitness,the boys that have signed look like good signings but lets wait for the first game and then Theo you might want to retract your rash statement
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