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  1. Ryan moved to Parkway a couple of years back 100% Cornish. Still got some top players. As always will be interesting to compare lineups if they do go up. Can't blame players who cannot commit fully due to work.
  2. As were Wadebridge at Camelford, I know that Reg and the lads were gutted that was called off but because of a waterlogged pitch not Covid reasons.
  3. I would like to think that clubs wouldn't do that but I'm sure some will. No point upsetting settled teams to bring in 'ringers'. If I were left out for a visitor I would not be happy.
  4. I would say the red is harsh. I would say the defender is trying to make it as easy as possible for his keeper to have a catch with no challenge and is looking to shield the ball from striker. In trying to get to the ball maybe a small push but I would say that a similar thing happens at about 6.40 where player loses ball, slates shields and lad tries to get to the ball and there is a little push, however no collision. I don't know the laws well enough (despite trying to overturn refs decisions for years) to know whether the severity of the injury can alter a decision. The collision is unpleasant and clearly the keeper needed treatment and I am glad that he seems to be on the road to recovery. I do think that this is the sort of decision that could split opinion between officials let alone supporters.
  5. Elmore very good. Camelford not at races but Elmore a good unit and deserve plenty of credit. Their results will only improve based on today's performance
  6. Bude had the 1st team manager who hasnt been playing and a lad that has played for Camelford in the past (who was sub) but retired 18 months ago and has barely played since. Pitch was wet but fine, ball rolled and never stopped due to puddles
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