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  1. That’s a bit of a contradiction ? Can’t be underachievers if we’re poor surely?! We wouldn’t achieve anything right ? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Cally were better then us last night hands down. But the boys turn up and play the game they enjoy and we have a beer and a laugh after without any packets involved, we will continue to do so. We will get some results along the way this season, maybe upset a few because on our day we are capable. We knew this league was going to be a hard step up but will enjoy it And drink plenty of 🍺🍺 whenever we go on the way ☺️
  2. We are all looking forward to playing town Saturday, jay has done a super job with our pre season training and all the boys have loved every session. The score will be irrelevant but it will be nice for us to see how far away from town we are. They are a class act and hopefully we can just give them a decent run out. The club is going in the right direction and would be nice, a year from now having to play town in a league basis.
  3. @LeeHall1977: No ins or outs at @PenrynAthletic and boss steve jewell doesn't expect to make many changes during the summer,(Twitter) so hopefully St Dennis will be were they are heading :-)
  4. Jack and Paul Robbo have both been training with us at St Dennis, along with a couple other players jay is looking at, they all seem to be enjoying the sessions. Paul and jack would be 2 great additions if they decide they want to join the Saints. We've lost none of last seasons squad and we are building on it promisingly. Jay and Steve Dingers has made training enjoyable, and everyone at the club is looking forward to getting this season kick started.
  5. Muzz could easily play prem football, Bodmin already have shown some interest in him so that must say something. !
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