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  1. Felt we deserved a point at camel tonight. Draw a fair result but at least we ain’t shipped more then 5 🙈🙈🙈🙈
  2. We needed it after our string of poor results. The lads shown great character to keep going when we kept falling behind. Lovely strike from doodles to get the winner. 🙌🏻⚽️
  3. That’s a bit of a contradiction ? Can’t be underachievers if we’re poor surely?! We wouldn’t achieve anything right ? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Cally were better then us last night hands down. But the boys turn up and play the game they enjoy and we have a beer and a laugh after without any packets involved, we will continue to do so. We will get some results along the way this season, maybe upset a few because on our day we are capable. We knew this league was going to be a hard step up but will enjoy it And drink plenty of 🍺🍺 whenever we go on the way ☺️
  4. Comprehensive win I’d say is to strong. We played ok and had our chances just lack of quality in front of goal. Fitness made the difference in the end last 15 mins, but we now learn going into a new league so only good things I guess. Nice to play against good players to see your level. We will learn though 🙂 💙 Braggy picked the match officials I guess 😂. Lovely chaps but not good enough I’m afraid. That’s not a slate but sometimes it feels like pull in who we can 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. Have spoken to whets and he’s getting a select squad of 18 together to play the fixture. Players have been asked from various clubs in the SWPL. Myself, Carl Rickard, Callum Kenny, mikey davies and Aaron Beresford have been asked to play from st Dennis. I know he has a couple from Newquay, Dan Jennings and Sam gerkin from wadebridge. Hes currently on the phone getting a team together so should be a good game.
  6. Regardless if it rains or doesn’t rain big al, we looked at our pitch yesterday and it wasn’t in good condition after the recent weather. With the risk of another back log of league fixtures, for both clubs, and looking at Saturdays weather forecast, it only seemed logic to get the game played, whilst it’s dry and before another day of torrential downpours effect yet another Saturday. I’d like to say it’s a little bit of common sense used by both clubs. !
  7. Great effort from the Dennis boys today down at Penzance, 7-5 loss aet. 7 1st treaners out with a wedding and the lads from the 2nds that came in did so well apparently, well done boys ?⚽️
  8. Cheers danny, felt we deserved it tonight, I thought the 1st half performance, we made you look bad, (not offensive intended,) we went out with a game plan, pressed you, started sharper and was picking some lovely cross field passes to our outlets. Who were class tonight. We new we would be under pressure in the 2nd half but threw everything you gave us and defending tremendously. The boys are buzzing and the smiles on their face after the game said it all. Just wish we could do it week in week out. Good luck Saturday mate was good to see you.
  9. St Dennis 1st team Looking for a combo or East Cornwall side looking for a friendly on the sat 29th July ! Contact me for details 07850987671
  10. 29th if ur interested at st Dennis for a 1pm ko as our 2nds are playing at 3.30pm !
  11. Our 1st team require a friendly at our place Wednesday the 19th July, for a 6.30 ko. A east Cornwall team would be preferred, as we've a few swpl teams already. If interested please message me on 07850987671 cheers
  12. After a cancellation our 1st team are looking for a friendly at home on Saturday 29th July. For a 1pm ko as our 2nds ko at 3.30pm if interested message me on 07850987671 cheers
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