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  1. And what makes you think the club owe the school money unless you work there and that wouldn’t look good would it and on a social media site ummm..
  2. Hasn’t really got anything to do with you anyway !!
  3. Yep as far as I’m aware Yep already passed Nope you’ve heard wrong
  4. Not sure who you are or where you get your information from but the club is not folding as they will be playing combo next season !!!
  5. Exiles 3 csm 1 well deserved win for the exiles dominated the game pretty much from start to finish glad to have the 12 players today gotta say Dave Rowe in the middle was brilliant and my last game as the exiles manager on to pastures new for me but the lads have been a credit to me and the club I love them all.
  6. It’s ok for teams like mousehole to do it with the money they got no other Trelawny team could do it
  7. No match report anywhere you can tell it’s end of season !!!!
  8. Agree with you definitely a foul on the keeper I was right next to the goal when it happened mousehole played the better football and foxholes long ball tactics didn’t work the best side won....
  9. Cracking game best team won well done mousehole..
  10. He was on the team sheet the league have seen the correct team sheet signed by the reff so it’s the end of the matter and he wasnt even banned as people are saying I pulled out the wrong team sheet by mistake which was dated over a month ago some people like to try and they weren’t even at the game that’s the funny bit about it ..
  11. Good luck mousehole today from all at exiles!!
  12. No m8 the reff has a copy I’m sure if needed the league could get his copy nothing done wrong and we don’t cheat like others I’m sure all will be sorted to prove the correct team sheet was done...
  13. Finally now let us enjoy our night lol...
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