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  1. Spoke to John Roberts he said he spoke to the rest of the committee this morning and agreed to cancel the game and replay it that was his exact words to me !!!
  2. Your words not mine lol but to be replayed is a farse I’m going to use that sicknesses bug one for sure in the future Dave think everyone will be jumping on that bandwagon 😂
  3. Well if they played there own players rather than leaving them on the bench in games they would have 11 on a Saturday and why should it be replayed ?? I only had 10/11 players today and wanted to play many times last season I played with 9/10/11 players poor excuse really but that’s football !!!
  4. Ooooo rite cheers pal just been informed it was mousehole ground unplayable last night not wendron my apologies so hopefully will be on the main pitch !!!!
  5. Wendron must have there underground heating on 1st team cancelled last night but 3rd team game on ????
  6. Unable to be there today as illness or man flu has struck good win for my lads so can’t do a report I’m sure scott will ...
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