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  1. Hayle vs caharrack just been called off caharrack unable to raise a side !!!!
  2. Unable to be there today as illness or man flu has struck good win for my lads so can’t do a report I’m sure scott will ...
  3. Well said Dave perhaps mr green should take up the whistle !!!! I think mr green is a reff but obviously a very jealous one that the 4 above names are better and if I think it’s who it is they are much much better we have had 2 of them this season and have been brilliant keep up the good work guys and forget the reff bashing you receive!!!
  4. Very very good idea dale was a top bloke!!!
  5. Hayle 3 port 1 goals from hayle kizzy jordan and Craig good game end to end port very good footballing side hayle with grit and determination chances for both teams very entertaining for the rather large crowd think the away team brought half of portheleven with them reffed well by Rodney barring the yellow 😂 no game next week for hayle 🍺🍺🍺
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