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  1. Yeah still two 11 a side pitches, a 9 a side pitch, 7 a side pitch and a 5 a side pitch.
  2. well done to you and stu for making sure the pitch was sorted. He said you guys were down there at 8 marking it out. On the game illogan were 2-1 up missed a couple half chances failing to hit the target and then praze scored two quick fire goals one being a brilliant free kick from Danny Ford. After that illogan rarely threatened the praze goal but the illogan keeper playing his first mens match made a few outstanding saves.
  3. I agree Adam. I've been tempted to make a comebackover the last few months but is hard when I hardly see the kids and missus during the week to go off on a Saturday a d spend most the day out at football leaving them at home. Also the missus working the odd Saturday doesn't help as I wouldn't be able to commit and play as much as id like too. Hope things are well with you and might pop down and watch you in a bit of the weather holds off.
  4. It all comes down to funding, boscawen park (malpas) has community group that has recently managed to acquire money for development of a new play park. As for the pitches and changing room a 5 year plan is in place to try and make them better. But again this is dependent on funding. But The city council are hoping to try and make this happen.
  5. Got to agree mate, some clubs make a real effort to get games on but a few just call it off without any effort made. Lots of mid week games at the back end of the season for some.yeah init mate then teams moan about mid week games. Also this weekend malpas pitch was "unplayable" but i took my kids to play at malpas park today and funnyly enough the pitch was infact playable today and two youth football teams played on it today. Teams like newbridge should b given the chance to do pitch work to get the game on. Yes there was standing water but nothing a brush couldnt sort. If you were there on Sunday how do you know what the pitch was like on Saturday? The parks team do as much as they can to get games on at Malpas and obviously they deemed it ok for Sunday. well the fact it rained in the night and its not like we've had hot weather seams malpas r prioritising the youth football if i was a user of malpas id consider looking into a dif pitch cos malpas is poor for playing fixtures on maybe should enquire richard lander or the college or the school up from the police station is it penair not sure. Dave if you want mate I'm sure could arrange for you to come and speak to the park staff and show us how to dry pitches that are based on a old dump with collapsed drainage due to events that have been held on it over the years. With limited time for it to drain aswell due to the drainage being affected by that big river on the side. Also dave you don't need heat to just dry things up, with strong wind like Saturday and Sunday it helps dry big open areas up, and drys everything up as you may have seen how the roads all dried up even though it weren't hot as you put it. The council are looking at improving the facilities down Malpas over the coming years but with the new kids play park about to be constructed and other projects underway it will take time but hopefully will be able to do this soon as we fo understand how frustrating it is, but even more frustrating for us having to prepare the pitches for nothing. Cheers
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