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    tomleft reacted to bighairydave in Trelawny League – Saturday 18th August 2018   
    Well done Tom Roper!
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    tomleft reacted to Soccer Follower in Trelawny League – Saturday 18th August 2018   
    Tom reffed a pre-season match Grampound v Chacewater and did well.Nice to see young referees handling matches confidently.
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    tomleft reacted to Sh91 in Trelawny League – Saturday 18th August 2018   
    Probus 4 - 1 Hayle reserves
    All goals coming in the 1st half, Probus going 4 up, beginning with 1 the GK will want to forget, a long ball from Noble at RB in his own half going array and towards goal, only for the GK to let it through his arms. 3 more goals followed from Justin Trebilcock, Dean Southworth and a tap in for Harry Wilshaw following some good work from the RM.
    The 2nd half was a tale of how Probus didn't increase their lead?! Could have, probably should have scored another 4! A mix of poor decisions and a couple good saves.
    Have to say, best referee I've played with for a long time, deserves a mention! 
    Saw lots of the Hayle boys back for a pint, always good to see, good luck for the rest of the season.
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    tomleft reacted to Fanfare in Foxhole pre-season schedule   
    Good to see the lineups and match officials getting the recognition they deserve
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    tomleft reacted to Darin Morse in Foxhole pre-season schedule   
    Wednesday 1st August
    Queens Rangers 3 (Leavers 23, Patient pen 47, Hill 70) Foxhole 8 (Reed-Bennett 7, 37, 87, 88, 90, Hawken 56, Reed 65, 69)
    Foxhole (3-3-4): Michael Sweet; Ryan Wilkins, Lee Whetter, Steve Kellow; Levi Kerrigan, Nathan Allen, Caleb Hawken; Paul Reed, Martin Gilbert, Lee Reed-Bennett, Callan Rundle. Subs: Dan Allen, Rory Barnacle.
    Queens (3-5-2): Tristan Orchard; Ben Hawken, Nathan Johns, Jake Martyn; Matt Bale, Wade Laity, Casey Laity, Jamie Leavers, Lee Smith; Scott Hill, Jamie Patient. Subs: Nick Hutton, Cullen Angus, Daryl Kent, Mike Bale, Phil Orchard.
    Well done much changed Foxhole, for whom it all came good in the end. Great to see a competitive line-up despite numerous absentees. Thirteen goals conceded in four games is worrying but it's looking good for the season. Many thanks and well played Queens who played some tidy stuff. The pitch and facilities are looking great. All at Foxhole hope you can keep it going. Many thanks also to the excellent referee Tom Roper and the linesmen.