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  1. From what I saw yesterday I think they will get better, they are a young side with a few experienced players and will adapt. The score line doesn’t reflect the first 60 odd minutes as at that point I believe it was only 3-2 and at one point was 2-2. Foxhole are a good side and will probably finish high in the table. Good luck to both teams for the rest of their seasons!
  2. Lost 8-2 to foxhole reserves
  3. For anyone at a loss like myself and wants to go and watch some local football, as far as twitter says the following games are currently ON: Veryan vs Sticker 2nds Boscastle vs Foxhole St Columb vs Foxhole Res St Merryn vs Queens Rangers any other games on please post....
  4. tomleft

    Newquay vs Bodmin

    I thought bodmin played well last night and deserved the win, don’t think they had enough chances to hit double figures though... on the night they were simply more clinical than Newquay. Newquay couldn’t get near the strikers of bodmin at times and some of the passing they played was immense! I thought the officials got everything correct, the keeper looked like he handled but there was players covering so yellow card correct decision. I thought the Newquay penalty appeal wasn’t a penalty. I’ve watched newquay a few times over the past few seasons and they are getting better each year and have a lot of young players so will only get better. I’ve also watched bodmin a few times and on their day are a good side. My only observation would be how much they surround the officials. More than any other team I have seen. Also I have never heard someone claim so much than bodmin a number 18 last night!