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  1. Nanpean looking to host a friendly this weds if you are still looking? Contact Luke on 07756 712379. Cheers
  2. Roche Football Club are currently on the look out for a new 1st team manager for the 2018/19 season The Team currently play in the East Cornwall League Division One Anyone interested in the position should contact either: Derek Roache 07587 708543 Matt Lean 07834 827169
  3. Hi Michael. Roche FC pre season training starts Weds June 21st 6pm at the club. Very welcome to come and see what you think. Duchy 3 team looking for 3rd promotion in 4 seasons.
  4. Not sure if I'm correct but I think St Stephen won't be permitted promotion by the duchy league. The agreement is one team up and St Minver will go. They would probably have to withdraw from the duchy league and apply to the ECPL for consideration, I don't think it would be the ECPL rejecting them. Plus the duchy league has not received a club from the ECPL so you can't blame them for not wanting to let the possibility of a handful going up when the ECPL is short and leave themselves open to the mercy of the ECPL each season. Maybe they could look at increasing to two up two down between the duchy and ECPL as this may act as further deterrent for clubs not fulfilling fixtures with the increased threat of relegation and loss of senior status. Newquay is an odd one partly as its unprecedented and no certain rule defines it but it seems to be allowed within the league structure. Surely the league could accept Newquay on the condition it is able to assure the other teams and committee at the AGM they are able to amass a squad enough to complete the season and the league should be looking after what we have seen this season to increase the fines to clubs not able to do so as this has been the main let down this season. Just suggestions but I can see this EGM being drawn out at this rate!
  5. Roche 2-1 St Dennis Chris Coad & Robbie Hambley for Roche. Chris Harris for St Dennis.
  6. Roche FC from Duchy 4 looking for new players for the coming season. Training is at 6:30pm at the club on Tuesday.
  7. Tuesday 11th August Roche II v St Dennis II Now being played at St Dennis 6:30 ko
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